TrophyCatch is a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Program.  Click here to go to the website.   The following is a brochure about the program.  Click any thumbnail to open a readable version of the brochure.

Two members of TV Freshwater Fishing Club qualified for “Lunker Club” awards in 2013: Steve Henderson has been awarded certificates for two “Lunker” catches: 8-12 and 8-14.  The following are from the TrophyCatch website:  Steve and Jerry’s fish were caught in Lake Griffin during June and July of 2013.

2014-03-24_19-38-27 2014-03-24_19-39-35

Jerry Lester had a “Lunker” 8-1.




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  1. Kenneth Boguski says:

    Left a message or two. Got a reply about click here for subscribing to tvfreshwaterfishing but it disappeared from my computer. Would like to get info about the club (belonged once) and info about fishing buddies (guys with boats looking for a good first mate) Also looking to hear info, comments about the villages fishing from this site and others. Thanks

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