NOTICE: We apologize, due to venue constraints we are not accepting new members and guests at this time. Monthly meetings will be open to current FFC members only. We do encourage residents who are interested in joining our club to get on our waiting list. Just send your name and phone number to When space becomes available we will contact you in order received.

THE VILLAGES FRESHWATER FISHING CLUB (FFC) – The Club meets the second Tuesday of every month (except June, July and August) at Lake Miona Recreation Center. Doors open at 6:30 PM, with the meeting starting at 7:00 PM.  Usually, there is a program consisting of a guest speaker who is knowledgeable about local fishing opportunities and techniques. The meetings last about an hour. Club membership consists of over 300 Villages residents, whose fishing experience varies from the beginner to those whose knowledge is based on a lifetime of experience.


FL Bass Tournaments Click on this link to see ALL fishing tournaments in this area.

  • September 14th, 2021 – Monthly meeting at Miona Rec. Center. Doors open at 6:30 pm and meeting starts promptly at 7:00 pm. President Randy DiSanto will discuss the future of the club and the events planned for the upcoming season. The Recreation Department will keep us up to date if there will be any restrictions.
  • October 13-
  • November 10-
  • December 8-
  • January 12-
  • February 9-
  • March 9-
  • April 13-
  • May 11-
  • June-August, no meetings

24 Responses to Meetings/Events

  1. Paul McDade says:

    Would like to join the club


    • Wayne Hoffman says:

      Paul I have been a member for years and I haven’t gotten any notice for dues payment. I know with the pandemic we weren’t having meetings. I still want to be a member of the club. At the present time I am here 7 to 8 months in the year and up north for the summers so I want to be a part of the group. Thanks Wayne Hoffman


      • Doug Tilley says:

        Hi Wayne- My name is Doug Tilley. I’m looking for someone interested in trying Lake Harris for Largemouth bass fishing. Renting one of their boats and heading out sometime next week. I brought some of my gear and could supply you as well. Are you related to Duane Hoffman of Orwigsburg, PA ? or Dave Hoffman from Weatherly PA?


  2. Wayne Hoffman says:

    When are my dues due for 2022?


  3. Doug Tilley says:

    Please put me on a waiting list to join. I own a fishing camp in Ontario Canada and have just arrived in Florida at the villages for the first time.
    I brought some equipment with and plan on fishing the Harris lake system. Looking for fishing partners.


  4. Richard Sigston says:

    Who would i have to contact to see if i am still a member? Is there a membership person to contact? Thanks
    Dick Sigston 207-604-2295


  5. Hank moore says:

    Would like to be put on the waiting list to join this club


  6. Richard Sigston says:

    How can i tell if my dues are due? We just got back from up north.


  7. Edward Mauldin says:

    I will be jointing in November


  8. Mike O’CONNOR says:

    Mike O’Connor here due to COVID mayhem this past year I may have let my membership run out . I would like to get back to normal and pay dues this October meeting. Is that possible?


  9. Stephen says:

    Are dues being received for 2022 beginning with the October meeting? This is important for me and I suppose others who will be traveling in the upcoming months. Thank you.


  10. Jim Hogan says:

    I have a friend who is in stage 4 cancer. He would
    Like to donate his fishing gear clubs, reels & tackle boxes. I have just placed him in a assisted living facility.


  11. Ted Kasubick says:

    are you allow to fish from a kayak on ponds in the villages


  12. Richard Stickelmaier says:

    How can I get my membership & dues up to date?


  13. Steve Smith says:

    I think my membership is still current, but I don’t receive any emails. Could someone check and see if I am on the email list, and that my membership is current. Thanks


  14. Donald Hoos says:

    Can we pay our dues


  15. jorge31663 says:

    There’s an antique fishing tackle show and convention in Daytona late February 2020.


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