Fishing Reports

Fishing reports are provided by persons who are members of a Google Group called “TV Fishing Reports”.  Group members receive an email whenever another member reports.  There are two ways for members to report:

  • By email addressed to:
  • By visiting the TV Fishing Reports website and clicking on the red button, “New Topic”.  While there, you can peruse the other reports that have been posted.
  • If you are not a member, click on the blue button, “Apply to Join”, and fill in the short form that appears.

    Join Button

    Join Button

  • If you don’t see the “Apply to Join” button, send an email to from the email address to which you would like to receive Group posts.  Include your full name. (You may not see the “Join” button if you are currently signed into a Google account on your computer.)
  • The reports DO NOT appear on this website.  They appear only on the “TV Fishing Reports” Google Group site and in Group member’s email.

This is a fun and beneficial thing to do.  We all learn from the experiences of others. 


13 Responses to Fishing Reports

  1. frank martines says:

    please help I’m keep trying to post on the fishing report it keeps comming back as undeliverable

  2. You must join the group per the instructions on this page. (I have done it for you.) Jerry Lester

  3. Allen Frude says:

    I’m a member and haven’t been getting any emails AllenFrude. Great meeting last night film was excellent Thank you

  4. Tom Fields says:

    I can’t get signed into fishing reports. Would like to post some trips

  5. Lake Miona 4-30-18: 30 Bass caught (from 10″ to 18″) on 5″ Watermelon Candy and Purple Lizzard. Water temp was 77.6` 10-8 MPH wind out of the East, Sunny day of 67-81`. We fished mainly around the water ski floats. They have created fish attracters out of their frame work (unknowingly). Of the 30 Bass caught 18 were caught in that area. Tip use a jigging action to replicate the bait fish, never let your bait go to the bottom. Use a down count with your bait and you have some good fishing. The North end in front of pads produced the rest of the Bass. Don Kindilien & Ed Lenorad

  6. Don Kindilien says:

    The soup was on a Bonita Pond for about 50 of the White Pelicans at about 10 AM today. They don’t like firecracker in the least. Just sayin.

  7. Don Kindilien says:

    For the dude that was looking for boat rental, there is one for sale for $750. In Okalawaha. sure would solve a boat problem and it is the same set up as the rentals for day fishing.

  8. Don Kindilien says:

    I saw this boat when I was passing on way home. Sorry I don’t have any more info. Just get in your car and travel around areas close to lakes, there is always some boats on trailers to check out.

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