Fishing Reports

Fishing reports are provided by persons who are members of a Google Group called “TV Fishing Reports”.  Members receive an email whenever another member reports.  There are two ways for members to report:

  1. By email addressed to:
  2. By visiting the TV Fishing Reports website, logging in, and clicking on the red button, “New Topic”.  While there, you can peruse the other reports that have been posted.

If you are not a member and wish to become one, fill out this form:

The reports DO NOT appear on this website.  They appear only on the “TV Fishing Reports” Google Group site and in Group member’s email.

This is a fun and beneficial thing to do.  We all learn from the experiences of others. 



12 Responses to Fishing Reports

  1. Lou Benasutti says:

    Tried the video. It says that it is no longer available – removed by the user!


  2. Lou Benasutti says:

    I’m not seeing a picture of Randy”s 8lb 2oz bass!!


  3. Linda Waisanen says:

    I have company coming who are looking forward to a fishing trip, and I was wondering if you knew of any good chargers anywhere near. Thanks


  4. Tom Evans says:

    Is there a waiting list to join?
    Tom Evans


  5. Don Kindilien says:

    I saw this boat when I was passing on way home. Sorry I don’t have any more info. Just get in your car and travel around areas close to lakes, there is always some boats on trailers to check out.


  6. Don Kindilien says:

    For the dude that was looking for boat rental, there is one for sale for $750. In Okalawaha. sure would solve a boat problem and it is the same set up as the rentals for day fishing.


  7. Don Kindilien says:

    The soup was on a Bonita Pond for about 50 of the White Pelicans at about 10 AM today. They don’t like firecracker in the least. Just sayin.


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