Fishing Buddy

If you are looking for a fishing buddy, leave a comment on this page so that you may be contacted.


11 Responses to Fishing Buddy

  1. Phil Gasseling says:

    In Florida for first time this winter from Nebraska/Minnesota. Would love to share trip/expense and learn how to fish Florida

    • Ron Wendel says:


      I’m fairly new to the club also. The club seems to concentrate on bass, which is fine, but I wouldn’t mind getting 3-4 guys together, renting a poonton boat,and trying our luck concentrating on crappie for the day. If you have any interest give me a call.




  2. Don Kindilien says:

    Steve does a good job putting these trips together. If you want to fish do this.

  3. Steve Fullerton says:

    I bass fish the lakes and rivers in and around Suffolk, VA. I’ll be staying in The Villages Feb 6 – Feb 18. If anyone needs a backseater for a bass fishing trip, please contact me. I will, of course, share in the expenses. Thanks!

  4. John Shores says:

    I am new to The Villages and just joined The fresh water fishing club. I also have a Sportsman G3 17 bass boat. I am looking for member who also has a boat and has knowledge of the local lakes. I would like to share fishing trips with. My boat is on trailer and I am willing to travel

    • Steve Fullerton says:

      My name is Steve Fullerton. I live in Chesapeake, VA and I fish for LMB in the lakes and rivers throughout the area. I’ve fished several ponds in TV and I’ve fished the Harris chain twice with a guide.
      I will be in The Villages Feb. 6 – Feb. 19. If you’re looking for a back seater during this time frame, please let me know. I’d be more than happy to help out with expenses. I have my own gear.

      Thanks for your consideration,

      • John Shores says:

        I would have been happy to have gone out with you. However I was out of town from the 7th and just got back on the 16th. Stay in touch when you are coming back.

  5. Steve Fullerton says:

    Anyone need a back seater for bass fishing? I’m in The Villages through 2/19/2019. I will share expenses. I have my own gear. Give me a shout.
    Thanks, Steve

  6. dominick dorazio says:

    I am at the Villages for the month of March and would like some information on what lakes and ponds are available to fish. I usually fish with a fly rod and top water flies like popping bugs.

    • Dominic, the Harris chain is good. Large bodies of water. You need a boat. The retention ponds in the villages would be a good bet for flyrod and popping bug. Check the website for information on fishing the retention ponds.

      Jerry Lester

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