Fishing Buddy

If you are looking for a fishing buddy, leave a comment on this page so that you may be contacted.


21 Responses to Fishing Buddy

  1. Phil Gasseling says:

    In Florida for first time this winter from Nebraska/Minnesota. Would love to share trip/expense and learn how to fish Florida

    • Ron Wendel says:


      I’m fairly new to the club also. The club seems to concentrate on bass, which is fine, but I wouldn’t mind getting 3-4 guys together, renting a poonton boat,and trying our luck concentrating on crappie for the day. If you have any interest give me a call.




  2. Don Kindilien says:

    Steve does a good job putting these trips together. If you want to fish do this.

  3. Jeff M. says:

    Staying in the Villages with family February 28-March 7. My 16 year old son and I are interested in bass fishing in florida. Anyone interested in sharing boating expenses let us know.
    Jeff Mulholland

  4. Jay Hardy says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Will be in the Villages the last week of June and the first few days in July with my 13 yr old son (he has been fishing for 7 years) We have our own poles and gear but would love to get out on the water with someone who has knowledge of the local fishing spots. More than happy to pick up the expenses if someone has a boat and wouldn’t mind some company

  5. Art Carroll says:

    Staying in the Villages this week until Monday Oct 30th and would like to go bass fishing. I brought some gear but need some help on where to go and what to use on the villages ponds. I am willing to chip in expenses for a trip to another lake if necessary. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Art Carroll

  6. jeff says:

    My son and I will once again be in the Villages. We will be there January 29th to February 5th. We have our own gear, have been bass fishing for years and have some experience on the Harris chain. We are interested in fishing for fun or even fishing in the Big Bass tournament on the Harris Chain. We live in Minnesota and have some experience on Lake Mille Lacs. We could trade trips if anyone is interested or we could pay for your expenses.

  7. Kenneth Boguski says:

    I used to belong to the fishing club (just got so busy with bowling, golfing, shooting pool) its difficult to make the meetings. I also fished with JOE STONE on some great crappie trips. Sure would like to talk to Joe or any other FISHING BUDDIES who are looking for a GOOD FIRST MATE for some crappie fishing. Ken Boguski 352-751-7161 Thanks

  8. Charles Lippy says:

    I’m Charles Lippy,and interested in joining a fishing buddy(s) for fishing in this area or beyond, not too far away. Lifetime of general fishing experience, and a little experience in this area. Character reference available from my long time friend, Vance Tate, at 804-358-9863. Don’t use my e mail, since I do not have a computer.

  9. john schwartz says:

    I will be in the villages (palo alto) from 3-21-18 to april 3rd. belong to tvff club. fished villages ponds for 18 years. have own equipment and would love to fish with someone or share lake info. member of san diego bassmasters. maybe fish outside villages with shared expense.

    john schwartz

  10. jim geiger says:

    Anyone interested in fishing Lake Griffin on July10, 2018? It is a local bass club tournament that will require a $10 entry fee. We will fish from safe light to 2PM weigh-in. I have a bass boat and am looking for a partner. Please email if you are interested.

    Jim Geiger

  11. Wayne Shepherd says:

    Looking for a backseat to fill. Willing to share expenses.

  12. kathie says:

    My brothers will be here visiting me the 1st 2 weeks of Dec. and they both love to fish. Where is the best place that is close to TV for me to take them. Can I get equipment for them to use someplace?

  13. Jim Greene says:

    I would be interested in kayak fishing in the area. Full time resident and have my own kayak.

  14. John Rouisse says:

    I am new to the club and fresh water fishing. I have a 21′ Carolina Skiff if anyone would be interested in joining me on a fishing adventure please let me know.

  15. Steve Fullerton says:

    I bass fish the lakes and rivers in and around Suffolk, VA. I’ll be staying in The Villages Feb 6 – Feb 18. If anyone needs a backseater for a bass fishing trip, please contact me. I will, of course, share in the expenses. Thanks!

  16. John Shores says:

    I am new to The Villages and just joined The fresh water fishing club. I also have a Sportsman G3 17 bass boat. I am looking for member who also has a boat and has knowledge of the local lakes. I would like to share fishing trips with. My boat is on trailer and I am willing to travel

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