Fishing Buddy

If you are looking for a fishing buddy, address an email to

This email will go to all of the club boat owners. Describe your availability and skill level and any other information that would be useful to a potential partner.  If you are fortunate, you may be contacted by return email for a hook-up (pun intended). If not contacted, chalk it up to a “nothing-ventured-nothing-gained” exercise.

Jerry Lester,

14 Responses to Fishing Buddy

  1. JOSEPH TAIBI says:

    I have an 18’ Bass Boat which I keep locally in storage on CR 301 and I’m able to trailer it anywhere I desire with my car, I only fish in the surrounding lakes, Griffin, etc. Recently the guys I went fishing with are no longer healthy enough to do so. I was wondering if anyone was interested in fishing with me. The reason I ask is that two people are safer together. I am free on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I don’t do weekends, due to the fact that some boaters are reckless and inexperienced. I like to go out before 8:30 am and back before noon, I try to beat the heat of the day. All you need to do is bring your pole, tackle box and lunch. If you are interested give me a call or leave a message 352-205-4675. I live in Belle Air.

    Picture of my boat:


    • Steven Cothran says:

      Hi Joe,
      I am trying to get out fishing this week. Any of the local lakes are fine with me if you are available. I also have a bass boat but would love to learn the lakes from someone that has been out. I have tons of equipment and can fish any technique.


      I am located in DeSoto

      Steve Cothran


  2. dominick dorazio says:

    I am at the Villages for the month of March and would like some information on what lakes and ponds are available to fish. I usually fish with a fly rod and top water flies like popping bugs.


    • Dominic, the Harris chain is good. Large bodies of water. You need a boat. The retention ponds in the villages would be a good bet for flyrod and popping bug. Check the website for information on fishing the retention ponds.

      Jerry Lester


  3. Steve Fullerton says:

    Anyone need a back seater for bass fishing? I’m in The Villages through 2/19/2019. I will share expenses. I have my own gear. Give me a shout.
    Thanks, Steve


  4. John Shores says:

    I am new to The Villages and just joined The fresh water fishing club. I also have a Sportsman G3 17 bass boat. I am looking for member who also has a boat and has knowledge of the local lakes. I would like to share fishing trips with. My boat is on trailer and I am willing to travel


    • Steve Fullerton says:

      My name is Steve Fullerton. I live in Chesapeake, VA and I fish for LMB in the lakes and rivers throughout the area. I’ve fished several ponds in TV and I’ve fished the Harris chain twice with a guide.
      I will be in The Villages Feb. 6 – Feb. 19. If you’re looking for a back seater during this time frame, please let me know. I’d be more than happy to help out with expenses. I have my own gear.

      Thanks for your consideration,


      • John Shores says:

        I would have been happy to have gone out with you. However I was out of town from the 7th and just got back on the 16th. Stay in touch when you are coming back.


  5. Steve Fullerton says:

    I bass fish the lakes and rivers in and around Suffolk, VA. I’ll be staying in The Villages Feb 6 – Feb 18. If anyone needs a backseater for a bass fishing trip, please contact me. I will, of course, share in the expenses. Thanks!


  6. Don Kindilien says:

    Steve does a good job putting these trips together. If you want to fish do this.


  7. Phil Gasseling says:

    In Florida for first time this winter from Nebraska/Minnesota. Would love to share trip/expense and learn how to fish Florida


    • Ron Wendel says:


      I’m fairly new to the club also. The club seems to concentrate on bass, which is fine, but I wouldn’t mind getting 3-4 guys together, renting a poonton boat,and trying our luck concentrating on crappie for the day. If you have any interest give me a call.





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