The Fresh Water Fishing Club has over 400 members eager to go fishing and learn more about fishing in Florida.  The club’s purpose is to bring together people who want to fish and to provide a venue for doing so. It is not just for those who have fished all their lives, but for any man or woman who has an interest in the sport.

Membership is restricted to Villages residents or registered guests. Dues is $5/yr, payable on the anniversary of joining.

The club is active in community events, including the Spring Outdoor Expo and the kid’s annual fishing derby which is part of the Summer Villages Intergenerational program. We meet monthly, September through May, the 2nd Tuesday of the month, at Lake Miona Recreation Center at 7:00 PM.

The club endeavors to: 

  • Develop and improve skills in fresh water fishing and related activities.
  • Organize 8 monthly fishing outing/picnics each year.
  • Be a source of information and instruction.
  • Promote conservation ethics with regard to a “catch and release” of game fish where appropriate.
  • To actively support state and federal legislation or regulations which serve to protect or improve our natural resources




President, Randy DiSanto 352-391-1051 / 352-205-2378IMG_2419-web-thumb

 Vice President: Rob Husson,  603-289-2066, rob1950@hotmail.comIMG_1615-1

Secretary: Mark Ciurej, 540-551-0054

Treasurer: Len Durcholz, 812-827-3899 


Fishing Trip Chairman: Steve Felix 352-753-5211IMG_2081

Membership Chairman: Trevor Bailey 352-217-9226 / 352-35

Bill Shelton 352-751-6993Bill Shelton

Program Chairman, Webmaster: Steve Henderson 859-816-8750                  IMG_2086

 Don Kindilien, 309-256-6935 DSCN1779

      Jim Jones, 541-699-6314

Activities Chairman: Jerry Echols 352-408-2337 / 352-633-7264 IMG_2084



Click here to see the By-laws.



The Freshwater Fishing Club (Hereinafter the “Club” along with its officer, directors, employees, and related entities, assumes no liability for injuries to individuals or damage to property which occurs during any activities or events sponsored, supported, organized, undertaken, or related to the Club. Participants in any activities or events sponsored, supported, organized, undertaken or related to the Club do so at their own risk: assume all liability for any damages, costs or fees resulting directly or indirectly from such participation: and agree to indemnify, release, and hold harmless the Club and its officers, directors, employees, and related entities from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, or proceedings arising from or related to any and all Club Activities or events.



Jerry Lester or Steve Henderson: Leave a message in any “Leave a Reply” box on any page.


40 Responses to About

  1. Greg Hanson says:

    I was wondering if anyone in your club works on fishing reels. I don’t need any parts, but the spring on the bail needs to be put back in place. Thanks.

  2. Don Kindilien says:

    My neighbor is looking for a place to put his pontoon boat in a slip. Any tips will be appreciated.
    Don Kindilien

  3. Don, Only canoes and kayaks are allowed in The Villages retention ponds. Just kidding. Fisherman’s Wharf on Eagles Nest Road has sheltered slips. Trouble is, it’s about a mile out a canal to Lake Griffin. I’ve paddled it.

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  5. Terry Dolezal says:

    My name is Terry Dolezal and I am a “part time” resident of TV and am confused on a couple issues that someone in your club might be able to clarify: I was told by the rec dept that there are no waters within TV that you can kayak. This seems to be incorrect? 2. I tried to access Lake Miona by golf cart and failed the last time I was there. Is it correct that it can only be accessed by state roads and requires a FL fishing license? 3. Has anyone written a tips article for visitors about the top TV lakes and best lures during different times of the year? I have more questions but I’ll quit with these. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

    New Braunfels, TX

    • Terry,

      My sojourn in a kayak on Poinciana Pond was approved after Neighborhood Watch called “the office”. It was approved by John Rohan, personally. Rohan is head of Recreation. Janet Tutt documented the approval. Of course, it must be a fishable pond. Much information has been provided on which ponds are “fishable”. I think the phone book still has the rules applying to “fishable”. Insofar as Miona is concerned, there is no golf cart access from anywhere but the contingent The-Villages property owners. Unless you have their permission to cross their property, you cannot access Lake Miona except by the Public ramp and that by motor vehicle from Rainey Trail. Hope this helps. Jerry Lester

  6. Lake Miona Park is open to the public and access is by roads, (county,state). No you do not need a fishing license to boat there. If you are not a full time resident of Florida you need a fishing license to fish any water in Florida, Fresh or Salt. If you are a full time resident and over 65 you need no license, a Florida driver license is all. All ponds within The Villages are catch and release.

  7. Dan Dauchess says:

    Does the club have information on where to get fish for stocking new ponds. Also general recommendations on best bait fish etc. for stocking.

  8. Mike Johnston says:

    My son and I will be down from New York to the Villages visiting my Father-In-Law the first week in April. My son got bit by the fishing bug a few years ago (he is 14 now) and he is excited to try some FLA fishing while we are visiting. Can anyone recommend any specific ponds in the Villages to take him to? Also, I was told that the club may have loaner poles that quests can use while visiting, is that true?
    Any information, help, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

    • Loaner rods are available at Miona and La Hacienda Regional Rec Centers. There is a good pond across Bailey Trail from the Miona Rec Center and one further down Bailey Trail at the intersection with St. Charles Place.

      Jerry Lester

  9. John Marshall says:

    My wife and I plus another couple are planning a days fishing using a rented pontoon boat. The guys just want to catch fish, the gals are happy to tag along as long as the trip is river based with a variety of pretty views. Any recommendations where to hire the pontoon. Thank you.

  10. Eric Harvey says:

    Hello – I have learned much from faraway Minnesota browsing your site and videos! My 12yo and 15yo want to bank fish near their grandparents home in Labelle the week of 3/27. Does the pond near the Captiva Village Rec Center hold fish? Any other nearby suggestions are appreciated. Well known ponds are great we aren’t asking anyone to reveal secrets. Thank you and happy Easter!

  11. Roy says:

    Please unsubscribe… there is no unsubscribe link in your emails and someone with my name doesn’t know his right email address…


  12. Jay says:

    I purchased a home in the Villages last summer and will be in the area April 18th-22nd. I noticed on the Villages recreation fishing guidelines that its possible to borrow a couple of rods and reels during our visit. Is that something I need to set up in advance?


  13. Dave Bordonaro says:

    im new to the villages and want to fish the ponds. What am I fishing for and what would be the suggested bait. Looking forward to joining the fresh water fishing club.

  14. Ken Messick says:

    Question: I could not hear the brand of braid Terry Scroggins mentioned near the end of his talk on 2/14/17. Can anyone tell me?

    • Ken,

      Terry Scroggins is sponsored by AFW (American Fishing Wire) and uses Hi-Seas Grand Slam braid. He did mention that his spinning reels were spooled with 20# braid but his leaders could be anything desired and at Cherokee he was using 4# mono. Line colors available are red, yellow, or green. Brooker Bait & Tackle in Leesburg may carry it. Please ask any of us at the meeting if you have questions. Hope this helped.

      Steve Henderson

  15. Ron DeLeonardis says:

    Near Rohan Rec Center, there is a nice pond. Can you fish it? Also, can the map be updated on this site to include ponds south of 466A.

  16. Club President, Randy Disanto, intends to explore through the Head of Recreation, Rohan. Action item.

    • jerrylester says:

      Rohan responded that the pond beside Deaton and Rohan Rec Centers are not fishable. The only pond south of CR466A that is approved for fishing is the one on Charlotte Court.

      • Randy DiSanto says:

        The list of ponds south of 466a that are fishable, has been expanded, see our web page for the update.

  17. Steve Smith says:

    Greetings from Michigan. We will be staying in the villages the month of January. I have been there for short stays the last 3 years staying with my sister. Love the fishing there. Can I attend your January Meeting. Would like to meet some anglers that live there.

    Steve Smith
    Commerce, Michigan

  18. Tom Spade says:

    Jerry – I have some fish to send you for November –

  19. Charles Rever says:

    I am interested in joining your club. My name is Charles Rever, I reside in Belle Aire. Should I just come to the meeting?

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