Memory Loss?…There’s An App For That

I’m just guessing but I’m thinking that most people reading this post have at least fifteen pictures of fish in their cell phone. Do you remember where and when every photo was taken and how much each fish weighed? If you are anything like me who at times can’t remember what day it is or what I had for breakfast, there is hope. A while back I found an app that allows users to add text to a photo. Now there are many of these out there but there is one that I have found to be the most user friendly. The app is called “Phonto” It’s availabe for both Android and IOS and the best part is that it’s free. With more than 200 fonts available and changeable text size and color, you can be as creative as you want. If you suffer from CRS (Can’t Remember Stuff) check it out.
Here’s a recap of what members reported in May and how adding text can be used.

I’ve had good success fishing a Bang Lures Bass Assassin XX Fat Job 6.25 in. stick worm.

Bang Lures

Bang Lures / Bass Assassin / 6.25in

On May 6th I took this 5lb 3oz with the “Okeechobee Special” color.

5lbs 3oz. / Villages Pond

May 23rd and 24th produced two more nice fish.

Me 5.0

5lbs. 0oz. / Santiago Pond

A 5lb. 0oz. and 7lb. 2oz. were taken with the “St. Johns Special” color.

7lbs. 2oz. / Santiago Pond

I guess it’s true that big fish take big baits.

On May 11th FFC Member Frank Martines reported this nice 5lb. 9oz. Chatham Square Pond catch.

5lbs. 9oz. / Chatham Sq. Pond

A wacky rigged stick worm got the job done. Just six days later and fishing the same pond FFC member Jim Jones took this 5lb. 9oz. while fishing a Ned Tube. Same fish?

Jim Jones / 5lbs. 9oz. / Chatham Sq. Pond

On May 28th, FFC members Wayne Barksdale and Trevor Bailey headed out to Lake Griffin to wet their lines. A total of ten fish taken using Trick Worms and Speed Worms in the Junebug color. Catch of the day was Wayne’s 6lb. 14oz. beast.

Wayne Barksdale / 6lbs. 14oz. / Lake Griffin

Two days later Wane and his son Jeff fished in Lakeland. The Bass weren’t biting but for some reason the Tilapia were hungry. It’s rare that a Tilapia would take a soft plastic worm but Wayne landed two and son Jeff landed four.

Wayne Barksdale / Tilapia / Lakeland, Fl

FFC member Bob Knorr also reported a Tilapia taken on May 15th.

Bob Knorr / Tilapia

I would say that May was a pretty good month and the “Fish Of The Month” pin looks cool on my new hat.Pin
Thanks to all who reported and sent in pics. Keep them coming.

Rob Husson

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