April 2021 Happenings

Tracking down the exact origins of any fishing technique is always a tricky task, but it becomes a lot easier when the technique is named after the inventor himself: Most agree that Ned rigging as we know it today was started by Ned Kehde, an avid Midwestern angler whose been actively fishing and in touch with the midwest finesse fishing scene since the late ‘50s. He was first put onto the idea of a light, mushroom shaped jig head by Ron Lindner (of Lindner’s Angling Edge fame) on a trip to Minnesota in the early ‘80s. Kehde loved the mushroom head because “you can drag [it] over rock terrain and rarely get hung up” and jigs such as the Gopher Mushroom Head quickly became synonymous with midwest finesse fishing. (Source: Discount Tackle)
Now does this method work when fishing Florida waters? Just ask FFC member Jim Jones. Jim has been fishing the Ned Rig for some time now and has had great success.

Jim Jones / 9lbs. 2oz. / Villages Pond

Jim took this 9lb. 2oz. beast with a Ned Rig while fishing Chatham Square Pond here in The Villages. Another “Trophy Catch” qualifier and April’s “Fish Of The Month”. WTG Jim.Pin

Another outstanding Ned Rig catch was reported by FFC member Frank Martines.

Frank Martines / 7lbs. 8oz. / Villages Pond

On April 23rd, Frank took another Chatham Square Pond giant that tipped the scales 7lb. 8oz.

Now here’s a story that fits the description of “Only In Florida” After reporting a 7lb. 15oz. Lake Griffin giant on April 9th, FFC member Wayne Barksdale and his son Jeff made the trip to the Winter Haven Chain on April 23rd for a day of fishing.

Wayne Barksdale / 7lbs. 15 oz. / Lake Griffin

The result…..over 20 Bass caught!! Jeff’s biggest was 4lbs. 5oz.

Jeff Barksdale / 4lbs. 5oz. / Winter Haven Chain

and Wayne’s biggest was 6lbs. 5oz.

Wayne Barksdale / 6lbs. 5oz. / Winter Haven Chain

Now here’s where the story gets even better. The highlight of the trip came earlier that morning. While stopped for ice and gas they had a clear view of the rocket launch from Cape Canaveral and snapped a cool pic. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Rocket Launch / April 23rd

 “Only In Florida”

Closing out the month, FFC member Bob Knorr reported this nice 5lb. 4oz. Lake Griffin catch.

Bob Knorr / 5lbs. 4oz. / Lake Griffin

This was one of about 15 fish caught and the bait of choice was a Jerk Bait.

Thanks to all who have reported and sent in pics. Keep them coming.

Rob Husson

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