Fish Of The Month / February 2021

When FFC member Chip Austin reported his 11.5lb. Lake Griffin catch back in January I thought to myself that it’s gonna be quite a while before we see another fish that size. Well that “quite a while” turned out to be just under two weeks! Check this out. On February 1st I got a text message from FFC member Lou Benasutti stating that he had caught the “Fish Of The Month” for February. Knowing that some anglers tend to stretch the truth a bit by holding their catch close to the camera making it appear bigger or just guessing the weight but as I scrolled down I saw that Lou had attached some pics.

Lou Benasutti / 11lbs. 8oz. / Villages Pond

Well the scale pic said it all, 11lbs. 8oz. and caught in a Villages pond!

11lbs. 8oz.

FFC member Frank Martines was close by, snapped the pics, and assisted Lou in registering his “Trophy Catch” with FWC. It was approved and along with a cool t-shirt Lou took advantage of the $75 off a Enigma pole and plans to order a fiberglass facsimile of his catch from New Wave Taxidermy. WTG Lou!!Pin
More February Reports

For some reason fish have been “Socially Distancing” themselves from anything that I have thrown but others have been quite lucky. On February 20th, FFC member Wayne Barksdale reported a 8lb. 6oz. Lake Griffin catch taken with a Magnum Junebug Bug.

Wayne Barksdale / 8lbs. 6oz. / Lake Griffin

FFC Club President Randy DiSanto reported a 7lb 4oz. Villages pond Bass

Randy DiSanto / 7lbs. 4oz. / Villages Pond

and FFC member Rich Haessley reported a 5lb. 12oz. and a 4lb 1oz. taken with a wacky rigged Senko at Poinciana pond.

Rich 5-12

Rich Haessley / 5lbs. 12 oz. / Poinciana Pond

FFC club treasurer Len Durscholz closed out the month with this 4lb. 20z. catch.

Len Durcholz / 4lbs. 2oz. / Villages Pond

Thanks to all who have reported and sent in pics. Keep them coming.

Rob Husson

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  1. Donald Jackson says:

    Congratulations guys! Those are terrific catches and in our “back yard” too!

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