Fish Of The Month, October Happenings, And A Villages First

Fall fishing in Central Florida can sometimes be quite tricky but this past October was an exception. Water and air temps remained steady for the entire month making for some excellent fishing. This 9lb. 24+ in. Lake Griffin giant taken on a very windy October 29th by FFC member Dave Larsen earned the title “Fish Of The Month”

Dave Larsen / 9lbs. / Lake Griffin

Dave’s method was a soft plastic worm worked along the edge of a grass line. I would guess that as soon as Dave got home he updated his Lake Griffin map. Definitely a spot to re-visit.Pin

There were a number of fish caught in October that deserve “Honorable Mention” On October 26th FFC member Rich Grunwald reported this 8+ lb Oklawaha River beauty.

Rich Grunwald / 8+ lbs / Oklawaha River

It certainly looks like this former Mid-West fisherman has got a good handle on how to fish our southern waters. Rich finished the day with a total of 18 Bass taken on both live and artificial bait.

The local ponds have also provided some nice fall fishing. On October 10th Club President Randy DiSanto landed this nice 5lb 10oz Ashland Pond Bass while fishing a Ned Rig.

Randy DiSanto / 5lbs 10oz. / Ashland Pond

Now we don’t see Randy in the pic but his his name is on the scale. Two days later at the same pond I landed a 5lb 9oz Bass with a crankbait. Same fish? Could be.

Me / 5lbs. 9oz. / Ashland Pond

FFC members Frank Martines and Jim Jones both reported 6 plus pound Bass taken from Chatham Square Pond on Calumet ave.

Frank Martines / 6lbs. 3oz. / Calumet Ave

Jim Jones / 6lbs 6oz / Calumet Ave

Both fish were taken with a chatterbait. Jim recorded a 6lb 6oz on October 13th and Frank recorded a 6lb 3oz. on October 16th.

Now here is a Villages first and it comes from Club President Randy DiSanto. On Saturday October 10th Randy claims to have caught the first ever “Rock Bass”

Randy DiSanto / “Rock Bass” / ????

It was taken with a Ned Rig at Chatham Square Pond. Based on the photo it appears to be a juvenile weighing less than a pound.

Thanks to all who have reported and sent in pics. Keep them coming.

Rob Husson

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