Fish Of The Month – July 2020 & What Makes The Number Seven Lucky?

With air temps in the 90’s and feels like temps in the triple digits, fishing Florida waters in July can sometimes be a less than pleasing experience. Some good sun protection and plenty to drink can certainly make your outing more enjoyable. Just remember, fish still have to eat and here is a good example. On July 30th while fishing the Oklawaha River, FFC member Rich Grunwald took this nice 8.1 pound Largemouth Bass with a live Shiner.

Rich Grunwald, 8.1 Lbs. Oklawaha River

A catch worthy of the title “Fish Of The Month” but it also qualifies as a Florida “Trophy Catch” WTG Rich!Pin
Now lets take a closer look into that “Lucky Number Seven” thing.

There are seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas, seven continents, and Snow White ran off to live with seven dwarfs. July is the seventh month so lets take a look back and see if this “Lucky Number 7” related to fishing.
On 7/2, FFC member Wayne Barksdale reported a nice Lake Griffin Largemout Bass that weighed in at (get ready for this) 7lbs. 2oz.

Wayne Barksdale, 7lbs. 2oz., Lake Griffin

Wayne also reported five others having a combined weight of 20lbs.

On 7/27, FFC member Jim Jones reported this Villages Pond beauty that weighed in at 7lbs. 4oz. (there’s that number seven again)

Jim Jones, 7lbs. 4oz., Villages Pond

On 7/28, FFC member Frank Martines reported this Villages Pond Channel Catfish that tipped the scales at 7lbs. 3oz. (do we see a pattern here?)

Frank Martines, 7lbs. 3oz., Villages Pond

Finally on 7/28, FFC member Bob Heinbach reeled in this nice Villages Pond Tilapia that measured (watch for it) 17″

Bob Heinbach, 17″ Tilapia, Villages Pond

Now is this just luck or something more. Who knows? Certainly interesting.
It’s now August, the 8th month. Will we see some 8 pounders? Time will tell.
Thanks to all who have reported and sent in pics. Keep them coming.
Rob Husson

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