Fish Of The Month – June 2020

With the exception of a few good reports, the month of June was fairly quiet. The local ponds have produced some average size Bass and some decent size Tilapia. Central Florida lakes seemed to have done a little better and here’s a good example. FFC member Denny Dzurinko posted this on the Fishing Reports page on June 24th and for those who have not yet signed up, here is the story. “Yesterday, 23 June, my wife wanted to take a ride around Lake Harris, Little Lake Harris, and Lake Eustis. So we rented a pontoon boat 8:30a – 12:30p from Venetian Gardens. Knowing how far it is around those three lakes, I didn’t think Id have enough time to do any fishing but I brought one rod with a green twist tail rubber worm left over from my last trip. A tiny tackle bag with tape measure, but no scale. After almost four hours of cruising the perimeters of three lakes, we got back to Venetian Gardens about 10 minutes early. We called Venetian Gardens per their instructions when we were 10 minutes out so they could meet us at the gas pump. The guy said give me 5 minutes and come on in. So I grabbed my pole with only 5 minutes to fish and on the second cast, caught a nice bass on the edge of Lilly pads.

Denny Dzurinko – Venetian Gardens Catch

It measured 22.5″ long with a girth of 15.25″. When I got home, I went online to the FWC bass weight calculator and it turns out that those measurements converted to 6 lb 5 oz. Not a bad day for two casts in 90 seconds. I put her back unharmed and headed in”
Now this was not the biggest fish reported in June but definitely a noteable catch and worthy of the title “Fish Of The Month”FOTMThere were several “Honorable Mentions” in June and they were taken by several different methods. A Heddon Torpedo did the trick for FFC member Len Durcholz.

Len Durcholz – 5lbs. 9oz. – Villages Pond

Len quickly waved down a nearby landscaper that snapped the pic of Len holding this 5lb. 9oz. Villages pond beauty.

FFC member Trevor Bailey took a different approach and landed this 7.46 lb. Lake Griffin giant with a soft plastic Speedworm.

Trevor Bailey – 7.46lbs – Lake Griffin

A chatreuse/pepper lizard got the job done for FFC member Frank Martines. This 6.10 lb. Santiago pond Bass just couldn’t resist.

Frank Martines – 6.10 lbs. – Santiago Pond

Another Santiago pond catch for Frank was this 7.1 pounder taken with a Ned Rig.

Frank Martines – 7.1 lbs. – Santiago Pond

Some nice size Tilapia have been hitting on flies. FFC member Bob Heinbach took this 17″ long, 3lb. 10oz. at Freedom Point.

Bob's Tilapia. 3.1 Lbs

Bob Heinbach – 17″ long 3.10 lbs. – Freedom Point

Thanks to all who have sent in reports and photos. Keep them coming. If you have not yet registered to receive fishing reports just click on the “Fishing Forums” tab at the top of this page and follow the directions. It’s a great source of information.
Rob Husson

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