April Happenings & Fish Of The Month

April, 2020 will be remembered for a number of reasons. With stores and restaurants closed and most activities put on hold things weren’t looking good. A steady diet of take-out food and jigsaw puzzles can get old real fast. Well a number of FFC members made the best of things and headed for their favorite fishing spot and here are just some of the results. FFC member Wayne Barksdale was the first to report and it’s no April fools joke. Fishing Lake Griffin on April 1st, Wayne started his day with a 6lb.-14oz. Bass

Wayne 6-14

Wayne Barksdale 6lbs. 14oz. Lake Griffin

and finished the day with a 7lb.- 2oz. Bass. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Wayne 7lbs. 2oz.

Wayne Barksdale 7lbs. 2oz. Lake Griffin

On April 13th, FFC member Rich Haessley landed a 8lb.- 0oz. Villages pond Bass on a Tokyo Rigged 10″ Culprit worm.

Rich Haessley / Villages Pond

Note the Leupold logo on Rich’s hat. Do they make a spotting scope for fish?

On April 15th, FFC member Jack Lee Askew reeled in this Lake Paradise giant while fishing a Watermelon/Pumpkin Ned Rig.

Jack Lee Askew / Lake Paradise

Jack is fairly new to fishing this set up but it’s quickly becoming his favorite.

On April 20th, FFC member Tom Steenson landed this Lake Paradise beast.

Tom Steenson / Lake Paradise

Tom did not have a scale but with a 23-1/2″ length and a 18″ girth we can safely say that it was 8lbs.

Now not all fish are taken with soft plastic baits. A properly presented fly can have great results. FFC member Bob Heinbach landed this nice 21″ Bass and a 17″ Tilapia. Both taken from a Villages pond.

Bob Heinbach / 21″ Bass

Bob Heinbach / 17″ Tilapia

Fish Of The Month
It’s sounding like the “handshake” is going to be a thing of the past but if “rubbing shoulders” is an acceptable substitute, FFC member Jim Jones is your guy. Maybe a little of Jim’s good luck will rub off. On April 4th, Jim landed yet another Villages pond Trophy Catch qualifier.

Jim Jones / 8lbs. 8oz. / Villages Pond

Now Jim has been fishing the Ned Rig almost exclusively but he decided to mix things up with a chatterbait. Turned out to be a good choice as this 8lb. 8oz. couldn’t resist the offering. Now April wasn’t such a bad month after all.

Thanks to all who reported and sent in pics. Keep them coming.FOTM
Rob Husson

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