Fish Of The Month – March, 2020

We have all heard the story that if a Greyhound catches the rabbit, it stops running and if a Bass falls for a artificial bait once, it probably won’t take it a second time. Well let’s examine this “Myth” a little closer. On March 15th, FFC member Jim Jones landed yet another Villages pond trophy Bass that weighed in at a whopping 9lbs. 7oz.

Jim Jones / 9lbs.7oz. / Villages Pond

This giant was taken with a Z-Man Big TRD bait fished on a Toyoko Rig. It was weighed, photographed, and quickly released. Now lets fast forward a couple days. While fishing the same pond, using artificial bait, in the same general area, FFC member Frank Martines reeled in this monster.

Frank Martines / 9lbs. 7oz. / Villages Pond

Look familiar? After a quick trip to the scale and a weight of 9lbs. 7oz. appeared, I think we can safely say “Myth Busted” A couple more photos, a quick release, and who knows, we might just see this one again someday. Time will tell. Now back to that Greyhound story, the jury is still out on that one.FOTM
Thanks to all who have reported and sent in pics. Keep them coming.
Rob Husson

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