Fishing Forums

We now have 3 Google Groups, or forums:

1) Fishing Reports. To be used exclusively to report fishing results and the response thereto.

2) Kayak Fishing. To arrange kayak fishing trips and to discuss kayak fishing, in general. (Fishing results should be posted in Fishing Reports.)

3) Fishing Buddy. All other fishing communications, including communications to find a fishing buddy.

Jerry Lester

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3 Responses to Fishing Forums

  1. Ben Murello says:

    can’t figure our how to make this work. don’t understand the sign up process?


  2. Damian, your name won’t be on a “Fishing Buddy” list unless you request to join. Jerry Lester


  3. says:

    Please permanently remove my name and email from these “Fishing Buddy” lists, etc.I do want to REMAIN on the regular Freshwater Fishing Club emails however.Thanks Damian Neumann


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