More About the Ned Rig

The Ned Rig was discussed last month by pro angler Trevor, Fitzgerald. This month’s speaker, was FFC member and Club Secretary Jim Jones. Jim has used the Ned Rig to catch numerous 8+ lb. Bass in The Villages retention ponds. So, when Jim spoke about his techniques for fishing it, the members were eager to listen.

The main advantage of the Ned Rig is that when it sinks to the bottom, the buoyant plastic becomes vertical, thus preventing it from sinking into the bottom debris. The vertical tail continues to be visible and to entice. Here is a refresher of the configuration.

Jerry Lester

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3 Responses to More About the Ned Rig

  1. Dick Sigston says:

    Nice presentation Jim. Hope it works for me when I get back to Maine. Very interesting.


  2. Dick Sigston says:

    Nice presentation Jim.


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