R&R Fishing Clinic – December 2019

The December clinic was held at Calumet pond. This month’s topic was fishing a “Ned Rig”

FFC Members At The December Clinic

The Ned rig consists of any small 2 to 4 inch soft plastic (ElaZtech) baits rigged on a small mushroom or ball head jig. The bait is almost exclusively thrown on spinning gear and is typically cast out, allowed to fall to the bottom, and then slowly hopped along bottom on the retrieve.

Fishing The “Ned Rig” At Calumet Pond

It’s considered an ultra-finesse technique because it’s generally fished on light line and tackle. It’s well known as being a bass fishing technique, but can also be super effective for other species as well. After a few hits and misses two small Bass and one Catfish were the catch of the day. As members get more familiar with this method I’m sure we will be getting some good reports.

Jim Jones Showing Several Ned Rig Options

FFC member and Club Secretary Jim Jones has been fishing this rig for close to two years with great success. Jim has offered to give FFC members a more indepth description of this method of fishing at out March meeting.
Rob Husson

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