July Happenings and Fish Of The Month

Two weeks in and nothing reported, it was looking like July was going to be a total bust. Finally on July 16th, FFC member Tom Spade reported his catch.

Tom Spade / 4.4 lb. Bowfin / Lake Eustis

While fishing Lake Eustis at the entrance of Dead River, Tom landed this 4.4 lb. Bowfin. This one was taken with a night crawler.

On July 23rd. FFC member Jim Jones broke his dry spell by landing this nice 3.85 lb. Bass at Calumet pond.

Jim Jones / 3.85 lbs. / Calumet Pond

Jim has been fishing ned rigged TRD Tubez and it seems to be a hit.

FFC member Bob Heinbach has been tossing his “Trash” fly in the pond behind Freedom Pointe and the Tilapia are loving it!

Bob Heinbach / 3.42 lbs. Tilapia / Freedom Pointe

Bob’s latest was taken on July 28th measuring 17-1/4″long and 3.42 lbs. on the scale. Yes, Bob now carries a scale!

FFC member Wayne Barksdale is back on the water and as always has another great catch to report.

Wayne Barksdale / 6lbs. 7oz. / Lake Griffin

This 6lb. 7oz. Lake Griffin beauty was taken with a Horny Toad on July 30th. Wayne also sent along a nice pic of Lake Griffin at sunrise.

Lake Griffin sunrise

It doesn’t get any better than this.
Fish Of The Month – July 2019
We all know that saying that starts with “If at first you don’t succeed” and for FFC member Steve Felix, it now has special meaning. Some time back Steve caught a Bass that would have qualified as a Florida “Trophy Catch” contender. Unfortunately it was not approved due to improper handling of the scale. Now let’s fast forward to July 22nd. While fishing Lake Eustis in an area just south of Dead River, Steve was given a second chance when he got into yet another “Trophy Catch” qualifier.

Steve Felix / 8 lbs. / Lake Eustis

This one wasn’t going to give up easy because in the struggle to get this one in the boat, Steve’s rod broke! When he finally got it in and on the scale (correctly) the magic number of 8lbs. appeared. It looks like Steve will be sporting a cool “Trophy Catch” T-shirt soon.
Thanks to all who have reported and sent in pics. Keep them coming.FOTM
Rob Husson

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