Camp Villages Fishing Derby – 2019

The annual Camp Villages Fishing Derby has always been a favorite and this years event sold out quickly.
On Tuesday June 11th we had 40 future anglers and their grandparents gather on the banks of Lake Mira Mar to learn the basic skills of fishing.
Participants were separated into groups of 10 and guided to six different stations which included knot tying and practice casting.

Practice Casting

A Perfect Clinch Knot

FFC member Jim Jones had his Bass boat on display and gave participants instructions on boating and water safety.

Boating And Water Safety Instruction

A highlight at this years event was a presentation by FWC Resource Biologist Scott Bisbing and FWC Fisheries Biologist Dan Nelson. Participants were given a hands on demonstration as to how tagged fish are tracked and studied.

Telemetry Used For Tracking Tagged Fish

At the last station, participants got the chance to try out what they had learned by casting a line in the stocked pond.

Proper Presentation


As soon as the lines hit the water it was nonstop action for the next hour and a half. Nearly everyone caught a fish.

The Reward

The day finished off with lunch that was prepared by The Villages staff and each participant was given a new rod and reel combo to take home. The club also provided each participant with a buff that was purchased with monies donated by members at a recent 50/50 raffle.

Special thanks to all of the Freshwater Fishing Club members who volunteered their time to make this years derby a great success.

Rob Husson

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