Fish Of The Month / May 2019

Now we have all heard the term “Dressed For Success” but I would guess that no one would think that it applies to fishing. Well, based on the photos below it appears that catching fish is more than just fine tackle properly presented but a combination of gear and attire that impresses the big ones. Case in point. While fishing a Villages pond on May 9th and rockin’ his favorite fishing hat, FFC President Randy DiSanto landed this 8lb. 2oz. beast. Was the hat a factor? Who knows but I bet we will be seeing a lot more of it.

Randy / 8lbs. 2oz. / Lake Paradise

On May 12th I received a report from FFC Program Chair, Bob Knorr. While fishing the canals in Ft Lauderdale and working his 2018 Villages Bass Tournament Champ shirt he landed a nice 2lb. Peacock Bass and a 4.13 lb. Largemouth. Once again, was the shirt a factor? It’s been said that fish can see us.

Bob Knorr / Peacock & Largemouth / Ft Laudedale

Thanks to all who have reported and sent in pics. Keep them coming.FOTM
Rob Husson

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