Fish Of The Month – February 2019

Its always fun opening my inbox and seeing what members have submitted. It looks like February was a good month for several FFC members. The first report came from FFC member Ron DeLeonardis.

Ron DeLeonardis – 6lbs 3oz – Poinciana Pond

While most of us swear by a Texas rigged soft plastic worm to get the job done, Ron took a different approach by fishing a 5″ long diving minnow. The result was this 6lb. 3oz. Poinciana pond beauty. It might be time to change it up a bit and start throwing a hard bait for a while. You never know.

On February 19th during the annual Villages Bass Tournament the news of a big catch at Bonita pond traveled quickly to the other ponds.

Chip Austin – 6lbs. 1oz. – Bonita Pond

It wasn’t long before we all knew that the lucky angler was FFC member “Chip” Austin and his 6lb. 1oz. catch was enough to clinch not only second place in the tournament but also took “Big Fish” at the event.

The report I received on February 24th from FFC member Tom Spade is one to be shared.

Tom Spade – Sunshine Bass – Lake Harris

No monster fish here but a nice example of a hybrid or “Sunshine Bass” For its size it certainly packs a punch when hooked. Tom was fishing Lake Harris just west of Venetian Cove Inlet in approx. 11 feet of water when this one took the bait.

FFC member Bob Heinbach’s February 28th catch rounded out the month.

Bob Heinbach – 15″ Tilapia – Calumet Pond

Now fly fishing folk do things a little different. They take great pride in tying their own flies and they record their catch in inches instead of pounds. I had to chuckle when Bob reported his catch. It goes something like this, “I caught this 15” Tilapia at Calumet Pond today using a “Trash” fly. Now what is a “Trash” fly? Apparently it is something that Bob has created and clearly it works. WTG Bob

Thanks to all who have reported and sent pics. Keep them coming.

Rob Husson

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