Fish Of The Month – November 2018 / And A Stringer Of Fish

Whenever I get a message from FFC member Jon Young, I know it’s gonna be something good and his last message didn’t disappoint. It looks like Jon has found a “Honey Hole” on the Oklawaha River. Fishing on November 8th in the same general area where he landed a 9+ pounder in October, he landed this 7lb. 4oz. beauty. WTG Jon, we’re looking forward to your December report.

Jon Young 7lbs. 4oz. Oklawaha River

If you still need proof that there are some pretty nice fish swimming in our local ponds, check this out. FFC member Richard Shire landed this nice 7lb. 5oz. beauty while fishing Santiago pond on November 26th.

Richard Shire 7lbs. 5oz. Santiago Pond

This pond has always produced some decent size fish. Its easy access and long shoreline make it a favorite for many.

A Stringer Of Fish
Now here’s a fishing story that just has to be shared. Based on recent reports of some pretty good fishing on Lake Sumter, Pres. Randy DiSanto, Chip Austin, and yours truly decided to book a trip. On November 23rd, with cool temps and a slight breeze we weren’t sure what would happen. Well it didn’t take long to record several nice fish. At one point while fishing a 3/0 hook Texas rigged worm, I got into what I thought was a Lake Sumter monster. As it neared the boat I could see that a second fish was trying to steal the bait from the one I had hooked. A quick scoop of the net revealed what really happened.

Me #1

Rob Husson  7lb. 12oz. double catch  Lake Sumter

When the first fish (3lbs.) took the bait the hook protruded from it’s lip with the worm still attached. When fish number two (4lbs. 12oz.) saw what appeared to be a quick snack it grabbed it pulling the hook right through the lip of number one making two fish on a stringer. I removed the hook from number two, cut the hook off and pulled the line back through the lip of number one. After both fished were released I said to myself “If only Kim Stricker could have filmed it” After fishing several areas around the lake, the final count for the trip was 43 and a great story to tell.
Rob Husson

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