R&R Fishing Clinic / October 16th, 2018

The second clinic of the 2018-2019 season took place on Tuesday, October 16th at Santiago pond.

October Clinic Group

R&R Clinic / October, 2018

Eight FFC members were shown how to fish a soft plastic lizard. Other topics discussed were line type, size and weight, and types of leaders that are commonly used. With water temp still at 80 degrees, the fish just didn’t seem interested in our offerings. Club Secretary Jim Jones managed to land two nice fish.Jim Jones 4lbs. 11oz.
First was a 4lb. 11oz. Bass. A short time later he reeled in his second, a nice 2-1/2 pounder. A sign of things to come when the water temps start to drop.
The November clinic has been cancelled but will resume in December. Sign up at any monthly meeting.
Rob Husson

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