O.T.B. Monsters Do Exist

Miserably hot, dripping wet with sweat, no wind, blah, blah, blah….come on….it’s summer time in central Florida. Would you rather be in the Midwest where temps are a cool mid to upper 90’s with feel like temps in the 100’s??? At least it’s short lived & not months of the same ol same ol…

So with all the discomfort, we still go out & fish. Let’s face it, time you spend fishing is not billed against your longevity of time spent on earth. I read that in a magazine while going through a grocery check-out line…it had to be true.?.? Well this is true! Wayne Barksdale sent me a picture of a giant, aka MOBY in Barksdale’s terms, hanging from the scales. There’s no doubt about this one….how about 11 lb 9 oz bass from Lake Griffin. Sure there’s been bigger caught from the ponds inside the bubble BUT, we’re reporting from outside the bubble & caught from the Harris Chain. Barksdale said he caught his fish on a speedworm over eel grass. Fishing with Barksdale was Villager Trevor Bailey. Bailey commented he’d never seen a bass that large. Barksdale & Bailey often fish together. Nice fish even if it was 1/3 that size.

Wayne Barksdale 6/29/18 wt 11 lbs 9 oz caught on speedworm




















Tim Frederick 33rd  on FLW Tour at St. Clair winning $10,000

Local FLW Pro Tim Frederick placed 33rd out of 180 other Pro’s in a recent tournament held June 25-28 on Lake St. Clair near Detroit. To say it was a smallmouth slugfest would be an understatement. Chad Grigsby weighed in 97.8 lbs for 4 days. Do the math….how about a 4.89 lb average per fish. How many of you have ever caught a 4 lb plus smally??? or a smallmouth period??? That would have been a blast for sure. Frederick didn’t get to fish days 3 & 4 but did weigh in 10 for 2 days that totaled 38 lb 13 oz to collect a check for $10,000. Nice job Tim. 2018 treated Frederick pretty good even though he missed the Forrest Wood Cup qualification. He still banked 110K not counting endorsements.



Floral City, part of the Tsala Apopka Chain, was the site of a local club tournament held on June 26th with 18 anglers. Total bass caught 49….total weight was 63.64 lbs….1st place was Mike Tacak 5/9.20 lbs….Big Bass Foy Underwood 4.35 lbs. I guess you need a top secret clearance to find out what they caught their fish on….

On June 28th a Umatilla angler was killed by lightning while at a dock in his boat on a small lake just east of Lake Yale. We’ve had stories on here in the past about the dangers of fishing during inclement weather. “Beware” of what’s coming. Don’t be a statistic. The angler was 44 years old and was the 5th Floridian to die of lightning this year. A recent story on the Weather Channel featured “Blue Sky Lightning”. Radar showed a strong storm in Arkansas with “crazy” lightning bolts everywhere being emitted. 46 miles east of the storm was blue sky….and ONE single lightning strike. The energy from the storm was so intense that it was blown almost 50 miles east and sent out a single lightning bolt. It can happen.

On June 26th, Robert Wood caught a 10 lb 10 oz bass from Lake Weir….Yes there’s Moby’s in Lake Weir too….there’s probably Moby’s in all Florida waters. Here’s some more close by….Ben Fitzgerald caught an 8.15 lb bass from Lake Eustis on June 26th. Fitzgerald also caught another bass on June 15th that weighed 8 lb 8 oz from Lake Dora on the Harris chain. Dan Rogers caught an 8 lb 6 oz from Griffin on June 22nd. On June 18th Rauol Turgeon caught a bass that weighed 8 lb 2 oz from Lake Beauclair on the Harris Chain. Pat Gerberich caught a bass weighing 8 lb 11 oz at Lake Louisa from the Clermont Chain…..the aforementioned catches were all documented as Trophy Catch qualifiers and can be viewed from the Trophy Catch web site. Imagine all the other Trophy Catch qualifiers that have been caught and not documented. That’s ok too – but if you’re an angler & would like a token of appreciation from the Trophy Catch program….sign up….it’s free.

Steve Henderson

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