Outside The Bubble or O.T.B.

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Having lived with acronyms in my previous life, some things are hard to get away from. So going forward consider this authors topics to be Outside The Bubble or O.T.B. While the locals have been hammering the big bass in The Village ponds, there’s also quite a bit of great action “Outside The Bubble” too.

(L) Ethan Warfel & brother Braden 5/26/18
Wt 9 oz Memory Endless

Ethan Warfel of Fenton Park, MO Second Place (SMILE SAYS IT ALL)

Here’s 6 y/o Ethan Warfel that weighed in a 9 ounce bass, to take home a prestigious trophy for 2nd place. While not a Florida Trophy Catch qualifier, come on….this is Missouri….this young man caught his FIRST BASS while fishing a “Derby” near his home town of Fenton Park, MO. Ethan appears to have the right sponsors lined up already….Nike & Shimano for starters. Tiger Woods even has Nike….This kid could be the next KVD!!


Rick Cope wt 7.8 Pitchin
Lake Jackson 5/11/18

Rick Cope Lake Jackson 5/11/18
wt 6.7 Frog

Rick Cope Lake Harris 6/1/18
wt 6.15 Swimbait

Feast your eyes on these. Umatilla, FL resident Rick Cope fished Lake Jackson a few weeks ago with a friend. He scored as usual catching some bragging size bass. Cope said he caught them pitchin, throwing a frog, swimbait, and casting a squarebill, concentrating mainly on shallow water.

On a quiet calm morning, Mother Nature showed me some mercy and said throw a topwater to get bit. I could not buy a strike. Plan 2….Screw this I’m going into search mode. And so I put the trolling motor on go fast & started slinging away. I soon was getting smacked by 12 to 13 1/2″ bass on my lipless baits. Nothing big but fun anyway. I then switched to the 1.5 squarebill. My first

L to R
Spinnerbait, Booyah 1 Knocker, Spro Aruka Shad, 1.5 Squarebill

Squarebill Griffin Wt 4.9

fish weighed 4.9 lbs. The strike was dismal but once it reached the boat or saw me….EZ now….she took off only to eventually swim alongside & get snatched. She was then weighed, photo’d & released. In  5 hours I caught 18 but only had 4 over 14″ & the largest was the 4.9. No tournament weight but I wasn’t fishing a tournament anyway.



Wayne Barksdale No Moby’s but STILL NICE in my book

Father & Daughter Danny Barksdale & Ashley finsihed 3rd at KY Lake 14 lbs +

Earlier Wayne Barksdale told me he’d been catching plenty of 2’s & 3’s and an occasional 4 but no Moby’s….as in Moby Dick. I’d take his catches any day. I seldom hear from Barksdale when he’s not catching….but when he contacts me it’s usually because he’s on numbers, size, or in many cases both. Then there’s his son Danny with Danny’s daughter Ashley that just fished KY Lake and came in 3rd with 14 pounds & change. Danny lives near KY Lake & fishes it often and has won many tournaments there. It seems it’s in the Barksdale gene pool.

Pine Island – Launch here to fish N end of Griffin $5 fee

Fisherman are known to launch at 1 end of the lake & run to the other. You weren’t aware that all the fish in the lake are at the opposite end??? Really….they must be….then you get back to the ramp only to hear that some guys fished just outside the takeoff area and filled their limits. Also remember that many boat ramps are release areas & seeded often by weekend tournaments….except for maybe Pine Island that’s located at the north end of Griffin. I’ve used this ramp dozens of times.

Griffin 6/5/18 wt 5.8 Squarebill 1.5 Chartreuse

Boo Yah 1 Knocker Pair of 12 inchers

Your much closer to Haines Creek and the Oklawaha too.  Yes the river flows North out of Griffin. Although this looks like old Florida, your gear is probably more secure there than at Herlong Park. They charge $5 to launch and you pay inside. You don’t mind it especially if the bass are biting. This day they were. The 1.5 squarebill proved itself again when I caught a bass that weighed 5.8. And don’t sell the 1 Knocker or Aruka Shad short. I caught another 4.9 on the Aruka Shad and had a double on the 1 Knocker. Total bass caught for the day was 22 with 5 best weighing 14.11…..You know where I’m going tomorrow!!

Steve Henderson


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