Lake Sumter Guided Fishing Experience / F.O.T.M.

When FFC Board Member Charlie Byus was notified that he was one of the ten names picked in the lottery for the guided fishing trip on Lake Sumter, he had no idea what was in store. After several frantic calls, he quickly assembled his team of three, FFC President Randy DiSanto, FFC member Joe Clouse, and yours truly.

Charlie Byus, Rob Husson, Dave Weston, Randy DiSanto, Joe Clouse

Charlie Byus, Rob Husson, Dave Weston, Randy DiSanto, Joe Clouse

The date of May 30th was selected and armed with an arsenal of baits and tackle, we headed out under threatening skies and looming showers.
With nine previous trips under his belt, our guide Dave Weston put us right on the fish and the fun began! Within minutes it was “Fish On” and it lasted for the full two hour trip. There were a couple times when all four of us had fish on at the same time and Dave didn’t know where to put the net.

Dave Weston assisting

Dave Weston assisting

When the dust settled, the total count for the trip was 65 fish caught. A staggering number for fish taken with soft plastic baits. Sizes ranged from 1-1/2 – 4lbs.

Biggest fish almost didn’t happen. Randy had one so deep in the Hydrilla we thought it would never see the light of day but he kept the pressure on and landed a nice 5lb. 4oz.

For more information about the guided fishing trips on Lake Sumter, visit the district web page, click on the departments tab, then the tab marked recreation. There you will find a complete description of the tours and a printable list of dates, times, and fees.

Rob Husson


F.O.T.M. (Fish Of The Month) May, 2018
We’ve all heard the stories of the monsters that swim in The Villages ponds. Well folks, here’s the proof.

While fishing Poinciana pond on Saturday, May 12th, FFC member Ray Bidwell got the surprise of his life. This Common Carp tipped the scales at 29.76 lbs. Considering the fact that Ray was fishing with 12lb. test line, I would guess that landing this beast was no easy task. FFC member Jack Hoban was close by and snapped the great pics.
A Common Carp weighing 35 lbs. would qualify for state record so who knows, the next time this fish appears it might be a contender.

Thanks to all who have sent pics. Keep them coming.

Rob HussonFOTM

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