Somes Got It – I Don’t

Ralph Peckham 7.0 lbs
Lake Miona -worm 4/6/18

Really don’t need an explanation of the title of this post. At least not at this juncture. Here’s Ralph Peckman fishing Lake Miona in his kayak. Nice bass Ralph. Oh yeah….they’re in there….big bass….& in most lakes in Florida. Check out the smile behind the tasty sunglasses. (Click on ANY picture to enlarge)



Trevor Bailey 4/21/18 Canal Street 5.0 lbs worm



FFC Board Member Trevor Bailey hoists a nice 5 pounder from Canal St. pond that goes to show ya that you don’t need no stinkin boat to catch Big Bass in Florida….or outside The Villages for that matter. WTG Trevor – I’m jealous!



Topwater Zoom Horny Toad 4/24/18 wt 8.10

As usual Wayne Barksdale, who’s know slouch to this game, scored another 8.10 lb Trophy Catch qualifier recently on the Harris Chain. He caught another 7 lb also with a dozen ranging from 1.5 to 4 lbs. This streak continued for 2 days. Yeah….that’s what I said too. We/I shoulda been there. Good job old buddy!



Marni Strautman 4/28/18 Stickmarsh – shiner

Moving further south….about a 2.15 hr drive, here’s FFC member Marni Strautman displaying her….what seems to be usual catch….6 lb bass. Her husband named “Rip” is an excellent foto graffer. Don’t see your name in lights too much Rip. Nice catch Marni.



John Hendry Okeechobee wt 7 lbs

Friend & tournament angler John Hendry sent me a pic of one of his catches after I sent him a score sheet result of a recent tournament I fished. He made sure to send me his picture immediately….I’d say to rub it in….but that’s okay. John said he’d caught the bass on a vibe tail worm and hasn’t been catching many….however on each trip he catches a nice one. John now resides near Okeechobee. I can hear it now – Hey honey can we move to Okeechobee? Oh yeah….not in my lifetime.



Tim Sachs 4/28/18 Harris Chain 8 lbs

Chuck Westlake 4/28/18 wt 8 lbs Toad

Here’s new Villager & FFC member Chuck Westlake with his Atlanta guest Tom Sachs showing how it’s done on the Harris Chain. There are larger bass than 8 pounders cruising these waters but as you can see these fish are elusive to many….especially this writer. It’s been 3 years since I’ve weighed in a Trophy Catch qualifier. You may notice that Trophy Catch is mentioned often. Sign up for Trophy Catch by clicking on the link at the top of our web site and reap the benefits. While you’re at it scroll down the right side of our home page and become a regular subscriber. I’ll keep you informed of the bite & conditions outside The Villages and more….

Tournament Dir Bill Genes 6.45 lb tournament Big Bass

April 24, 2018 results from Tsala Apopka Chain near Inverness….21 anglers….66 fish caught, 1st place was 5/8.16….Big Bass weighed 6.45 caught by tournament director Bill Genes who only had 2 fish. His total weight was 7.95 & good for 2nd place. There was a 5 fish limit of squeakers that weighed 4.98 lbs. I won’t mention my 2 weighed 2.34 lbs. This is the type of weights from the Ohio River and yours truly has done it many times. The Tsala Apopka Chain is a watershed that’s been hit hard with hurricane runoff over the years….but it is truly one of the prettiest areas I’ve fished  locally. As for my results….one of these days I’ll learn what this game’s all about….maybe.

See ya at the weigh-in.

Steve Henderson

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