Minuscule To Massive

While the bass haven’t been chewing the prop off the trolling motor, they are on the prowl & some are ready to eat.


Beds are plentiful in many lakes locally….as for others, you may be wondering where are they? Jerk baits, worms, creature baits, topwater….you name it – and not even a sniff….very frustrating especially if you’re suffering from cabin fever….it’s time to shine. I scored tournament day with….call it how you see it. I’ll let this monster speak for itself. (Click on any picture to zoom in) Floral City – Tsala Apopka Chain 3/13/18

My grandson Mason Hinch caught his 1st bass 3/20/18 vibe tail watermelon red worm

Mason Hinch with a 1.4 lb bass – his 2nd. Ma Nature had no mercy 35 mph gusts. Venetian Gardens

Do you remember when you caught your first bass? Here’s 8 y/o, football, wrestler, soccer player Mason Hinch, my grandson, that spent 4 days with me in hopes to catch some bass. Mother Nature was brutal with tornado watch/warnings, 2″ rainfall, wind gusts to 35 mph. He glued a spinning rod on his arm & threw a vibe tail that enabled him to catch a couple while here. Next time Mason.











If you fish the Village ponds, you may have seen Doctor Bob with his fly rod. In passing Doc tells me that he’s caught some small bass and seen others caught to 4 lbs on shiners. But what he really wanted to show me was his latest limited production. Very limited. Okay how about just 1. Doc calls it STS bait. And I asked what STS stood for? He quickly replies “SLICKER THAN SnoT”….or something to that affect. I laughed and said he’d keep me posted on results. Still waiting Doc.

Birthday present YEAH
bait – white trick worm
Windemere Chain

Villager Wayne Barksdale is no stranger on here and should be familiar to many. His catching success doesn’t come by luck but by time spent on the water with years of wisdom & experience. And this posting is no exception. Here Barksdale displays his best catch of the day with a 6 lb 7 oz bass he caught on a white trick worm while fishing the Windemere Chain of Lakes. Barksdale said the shad spawn was on early in the morning and this gal was hungry. Nice fish, as usual.

Local Results:

3/20/18 there was a 14 boat tournament at beautiful Floral City on the Tsala Apopka Chain….and I always say that if you catch 9-11 lbs you’re a winner here. Don Willis brought in 4 bass that weighed 6.49 pounds. Brian Reid brought in a 2.56 fish that qualified for big bass.

3/27/18 there were 24 boats that launched from Tracy’s Point at Panasoffkee. 1st place was 5/11.62 pounds, Big Bass was 5.12, There were 41 bass caught.

Trophy Catch Coordinator KP Clements

April Bassmaster Magazine on pg 66. Look at the size bass that Troy Leitermann caught on live shiner while fishing the Tsala Apopka Chain. How about 12 lbs 6 oz. And this is the chain that I always say 9-11 lbs & you’re in the $$$. His 1 fish exceeds many 5 fish limits. I wonder if he was entered in Trophy Catch.  KP Clements would be disappointed if you weren’t. We promote it on here often. Click here to register —->https://www.trophycatchflorida.com/

Towards the last of March, they were spraying Lake Harris to knock down the invasive aquatic weed known as hydrilla. In 14 ft of water, hydrilla will grow 2 feet a day. The Harris Chain, along with the other lakes below the Mason Dixon Line, are inundated with this weed. A bass factory at best….boaters nemesis at worst. Recently members of the FFC have witnessed a helicopter & airboats spraying on Big Lake Harris. And if you think Griffin was exempt, another FFC member saw them spraying  3-4 weeks earlier. And the hits just keep on coming.

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