Club Trip to the Bass Conservation Center

Following info is from  the trip on March 16th to the Bass Conservation Center in Webster Fl.

A good time was had by those that attended.

FullSizeRender (11)

The presentation was informative, and seeing some of the large Bass used in the breeding process could only make one hope.

The Hatchery is having a free fishing day and some of the older breeding stock have been put in the ponds, so there is hope.

bass app_0001_01 (Medium)

Returning back to the Villages the group stopped at the world famous “Farmers Market Restaurant” which has undergone a total remodel, the food is even better.

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1 Response to Club Trip to the Bass Conservation Center

  1. Bob Knorr says:

    Very interesting trip. I have Bass fished in Fl. For 45 years, and lived in Lake and Sumter County the past 36 years, but have never had the opportunity to visit this facility. Really nice pace with a lot of info about how and why Bass are bread and stocked in Fl. Lakes. You do not need a group to visit, you can stop by weekdays 9-3:00pm and some one will show you around.

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