F.O.T.M. February, 2018

F.O.T.M. (Fish Of The Month)

February, 2018

A combination of experience, technique, and patience resulted in three outstanding catches this past month.

FFC members Jerry Echols and Trevor Bailey took “speck” fishing to another level with two “Big Catch” qualifiers. Trevor with a 2lb. 12oz., and Jerry with a 2lb. 5-1/4oz. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Also in February, FFC member Wayne Barksdale recorded yet another “Trophy Catch” Largemouth Bass. This one tipped the scales at 8lbs. 7oz. and was taken with a soft plastic worm. A once in a lifetime catch for most.

To see photos of all the above, scroll down to the article “Trifecta” that was posted on Feb 20th. The smiles say it all.
Thanks to all who have reported and sent pics. Keep them coming.
Rob Husson

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