R&R Fishing Clinic-February 20, 2018

The second clinic of 2018 was another great success. Sixteen FFC members met at Santiago pond to sharpen their fishing skills and prepare for the upcoming Villages Bass Tournament scheduled for March 27th.
Instruction was given in how to properly rig and fish a soft plastic worm. Methods discussed were the “Texas” rig, “Carolina” rig, and “Whacky” rig.
So how did the group do? A total of six fish were taken. FFC member Rich Spitlsr got things started by landing a nice 2lb 1oz. Bass.
FFC member Jan Windscheffel signed up for the clinic but didn’t have a rod to fish with. Not a problem. He signed out a loaner rod at La Hacienda Rec Center, we provided the hook, bullet weight, and a soft plastic worm, and a little instruction and the results speak for themselves. Jan ended up catching the biggest fish of the meet. On the scale, 3lbs 0oz.

Thanks to all who attended, Rob Husson


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One Response to R&R Fishing Clinic-February 20, 2018

  1. Leonard Veraldi says:

    Boy I’m sorry I missed the clinic. Got my days mixed up. I won’t do that again.

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