Bernie Schultz Appears at February Meeting

IMG_2179 Since graduating college in 1979, Schultz has become one of Florida’s most accomplished anglers. His achievements include two Canadian and two U.S. titles, while qualifying for eight Bassmasters Classics and five FLW Championships – the sport’s highest levels of competition.

Some pointers shared by Schultz for Bass fishing:

  • Make long casts when surface fishing to prevent spooking Bass
  • Don’t discount “Bluebird” days, as they will produce
  • Basic principle of lure design hasn’t change in 100 years
  • Match lure size with forage size
  • Shultz uses only monofilament line, no braid or fluorocarbon because neither of the latter stretch and fluorocarbon sinks, undesirable qualities in his opinion.
  • Rapala jerk baits, twitch baits, prop baits are good attention getters

Schultz spoke to 84 in attendance.

Daytona International Tackle Show

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