Breaking The Ice

Windchills to minus 40 in Minn Uh Sow Tuh, near blizzard conditions elsewhere & mudslides & fires to the west….lets change the pace somewhat & let the folks know what’s happening or not south of the Mason – Dixon Line.

At our recent club meeting a report was given on the lack of fish caught at the Tsala Apopka Chain near route 44 & 41 west of The Villages. Blame it on pre-spawn, cold weather, or Trump. They just aren’t hitting. Florida bass hate cold front conditions & when we have temps drop into the 20’s for a few days that shuts them down. But that first sunny calm day when temps climb into the 70’s….well that could be “bumper crop time”.

Trevor Bailey 1/11/18 Lake Griffin Wt 5.0 lbs
Booyah 1 Knocker (Lipless Crankbait)

FFC Board Member Trevor Bailey has caught 45 +/- bass over the past 30 days in excess of 2 lbs….nothing giant but probably better than most reading this, including this writer. His latest 5 lbr was caught using a Booyah 1 Knocker lipless crankbait silver & blue on a calm foggy morning while fishing Lake Griffin. You do not need a boat….there are PLENTY of fish to be caught in The Village retention ponds and also much larger. I encourage all to sign up for Florida Trophy Catch. There’s a link at the top of our home page. It costs absolutely nothing and you could win a fully rigged Phoenix Bass Boat worth over 50K. Steve Felix, FFC fishing trip organizer, submitted a picture of a bass weighing over 8 lbs to Trophy Catch officials.  Once approved, he should receive $100 gift card, Spiderwire braid, T Shirt….the larger the fish the bigger the prize. And the next cast could be huge.


Rob Husson Villages Pond
Wt 4.0 lb Bitters 7″ Blue Flake Worm

Here’s VP Rob Husson that’s already received confirmation from Trophy Catch recently on  a 9 lb plus bass he caught within The Villages. I believe Rob holds the record for the largest within the bubble. WTG Rob….and he’s still catching them. In the past 3 weeks he’s caught 22 bass and only 2 have weighed <2 lbs. The pictured fish was caught on a Bitters 7″ blue flake worm. (Brooker Bait & Tackle sell them locally).


Bassmaster Elite Touring Professional Bernie Schultz

Our next speaker on Feb 13, 2018, will be 9 time Bassmaster Classic Contender & Professional Elite Angler Bernie Schultz. Schultz is not new to the game of casting for cash. He’s an author + an avid antique lure collector and a seasoned professional in promoting sponsors. If you have any questions about antique tackle or want to get his professional guestimate worth on any items you may have….now’s your chance….so bring it with you. Who knows, he may even buy it…. Also one of many places to keep up with Bernie is on Facebook.


Welcome to the 33 new members that joined in January. The Freshwater Fishing Club (FFC) is always changing with new faces and ideas. Trying to keep up with todays tackle and fishing techniques, especially here in Florida, isn’t easy. Find out from the locals who fish here year round by attending the meetings & following the web site. If you want to stay abreast of events click on Meeting/Events at the top of the home page. FL Bass Tournaments will list most all local tournaments in the area allowing you to witness a weigh-in, participate, or avoid fishing a lake because of a tournament. Nothing worse than pulling into a boat ramp on your weekend off & see the lot over flowing with trailers. You get the idea. Don’t forget to get your name tag and order an embroidered shirt, jacket, hat. Name tags can be ordered at the meeting payable in advance. They are similar to the FFC LOGO. The FOTM is a new program awarding an angler a hat pin. There are stipulations. Check with officials at a meeting.
1400 plus Lakes in
Lake County, FL

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Steve Henderson

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