Fish Of the Month, DEC 2017

By Rob Husson

(December 2017)

Remember the guy who recently caught the biggest bass of his life and his phone was left home on the charger? Well he’s back again with a great photo and quite a story.

If it was April, this might be taken as a April fool’s joke but it was December and the story is true.

A while back while FFC member Bill Shelton was at Publix doing a little shopping, He found that shrimp was not only on sale but it was “Buy One, Get One Free” Now most folks would think, hey, that’s two nice dinners. Not Bill. His take was one nice dinner and some free bait!

Well things paid off for Bill on December 22nd at Miona pond. A total of six hungry Catfish just couldn’t get enough of those “free” shrimp. The largest weighed in at 10.6 lbs. FFC member Jim Jones just happened to be close by and snapped the pic. Looks like Publix now carries bait.

Bill Shelton Catfish

Keep the reports coming……

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