Brooker’s Open House

TV Freshwater Fishing Club turns out big for Brooker’s Bait and Tackle annual open house.  Twelve members are pictured.

IMG_2006 (Large)

12 members plus pros:  Shaw Grigsby (6th from left), Grady Maynard (4th from right), and Mark Menendez (7th from right)

Patrons were treated to plethora of fishing tackle at special prices, lunch of pork barbecue, sausage, chicken, Cole slaw, baked beans, and beverage, and music by  very capable rock-country band.  Bill and Natalie Brooker were on hand to welcome visitors.

FOTM (Fish of the Month), Actually 3 FOTM

By Rob Husson

November can be a very unpredictable month and this year was no exception.

FFC member Bill Shelton started his month with a bang by landing his biggest pond Bass yet. On the scale, 7lbs. 11oz. A soft plastic Texas rigged worm did the trick. Now I know that Bill likes to experiment with different baits and I suspect that maybe some type of attractant could have been used.  Some of Bill’s homemade salsa may have accidently spilled onto that worm.

So where’s the pic? Bill’s cell phone was home on the charger.  Forgot to plug it in the night before. We’ll just call it a “senior moment”

At mid month, “Team Strautman” reported another staggering 25 fish one day Lake Harris catch!  Marnni landed the two biggest Bass and both fish had the exact same weight. On the scale, 6.37lbs.  Now that’s definitely one for the record books. FullSizeRender (7)

Plenty of zeros in those odds. Congrats.

The month ended on a high note for FFC member Larold Lodholz who landed another Villages pond beauty. IMG_4113Weight was estimated by measurements and definitely in the 8-9 lb. range. Time to invest in a scale and sign up for “Trophy Catch”. It could happen again.  Some nice fish in the local ponds.  Keep the reports coming. RobFullSizeRender (8)


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