Dear Santa & City Of Mineola Playing Scrooge

Brooker Bait & tackle 7th Anniversary Sale

Above is the flyer for Brooker Bait & Tackles 7th anniversary sale. This has been a win win situation for Brooker Bait & Tackle and the anglers. Don’t miss out on these deeply discounted premium rods & reels. (Click on any picture to enlarge)

Lake Deaton 11/8/17

Inhaled this hollowbody toad Lake Deaton 11/8/17

At Lake Deaton during November & December the past 2 years has been game on….but it must be in pre-stage because I haven’t been doing anything to speak of lately. When the bite’s on, you can catch 25 bass on a bad day. Only thing is they’re mostly between 12″ to 14″. In many states that’s the minimum size limit. Stay tuned – this lake also has huge crappies too. Live minnows only. They haven’t started yet.


Bud Henry wt 2.32 Lake Henderson 11/14/17

Brian Reed BB wt 3.68
Lake Henderson

I fished a small club tournament at Lake Henderson on Nov 14. To say it was a real barn burner??? Nope! There were 19 anglers with 43 fish caught. Six anglers had five fish limits & seven anglers blanked. Yours truly had one that weighed 1 lb. Winning sack was 5 that weighed 10.17 and big bass weighed 3.68. At least it wasn’t 38 deg & raining 🙂



On Nov 21st I was on Griffin throwing my favorite baits and caught 14 that reminded me of the guy in the tv show Fantasy Island that said “Duh Plane Duh Plane”…. short and stubby. Of the 14 bass I caught that day, I only had 3 that measured over 14” and the largest weighed a mere 1.9 lbs.

I’m Still Searching

Next piece of the puzzle was to try some pitchin & flippin. I grabbed my stick and attached a black & blue beaver with a 1/2 oz tungsten weight. I know that’s the premium way to catch big fish but I’m not fishing the Bassmasters Classic….I just wanna get bit. That lasted about 30 minutes.

Then I decided to head to Haines Creek Marsh and was met with a sign. Now I’m as guilty as ever to run out of this place but….I did fish my way in on the trolling motor with a fluke. I entered from the canal on Griffin and not the Haines Creek entrance. Once I arrived in the back, where the water opened up, I immediately turned around when 2 duck boats came in from the Haines Creek side. I did a 180 because THEY HAVE GUNS. GOOOONE !!! Did see lots of small bass though.

Here’s Vinney Belpulsi Lake Fairview Hogs On
Worms “Pick a color”

Pair of 4.0 + bookends ate worms

My neighbor, Stan Lippian, sent me a text saying that he and Iowa visitor Vinney Belpulsi were fishing near Orlando & caught about 25 like this during the pouring rain on Tuesday Nov 21st. To say they had a good day…. see for yourself. Any time you can catch bass like these it’s always good. All were caught on worms.


Trevor Baily 11/24/17 wt 4.0
Lake Griffin Speedworm

Wayne Barksdale 11/25/17
Lake Griffin wt 5.8 lbs

Here’s Trevor Bailey fishing out of the back of the boat with a nice 4 lb Lake Griffin fish caught on a speed worm. So this is what a Griffin hog looks like?!?! WTG Trev.

Well lets just go ahead and rub it in on me while you’re at it with none other than Wayne Barksdale nailing a nice 5.8 lbr on a “buzzbait”.


Tom Spade “Captain/Guide” :), on this outing anyway, went to Lake Panasoffkee on Nov 21st with the FFC outing scheduled by Trip Planning Specialist Steve Felix. Steve always says “lets go fishin”. I have to wonder if these guys were competing in a mudfish tournament. Now I know for a fact there’s other fish in that lake besides what’s pictured below. Look at the smiles. Good time had by all.

Jim Pendergast Panasoffkee Mudfish 11/21/17 Fun Anyway FFC Outing

Chuck Whitaker Panasoffkee Mudfish 11/21/17 Fun Anyway
FFC Outing

Tom Spade Panasoffkee Mudfish 11/21/17 Fun Anyway
FFC Outing







FFC member Tom Spade’s been loading up with catches of 3 at a time on Lake Harris over at Venetian Gardens on an umbrella rig. I’ll bet that felt real heavy with 3 on at once. Tom said he’s been catching them trolling at the edge of the weeds. The Harris Chain will be the crown jewel for the FLW Tour on Feb 22-24, 2018. More to come as we get closer. You don’t want to miss it.


Lake Deaton Report: ………………………. the end. 4 1/2 hours 11/26/17 Sunday and never got a sniff.

Floral City Tsala Apopka Chain 11/27/17: No movement of anything. Most of the pads have been killed off and much of cover has disappeared. Fished with friend Phil McNeal that actually put me on fish, sorta, frunt endin no good….I tied on a spinnerbait so I could cover water after fishing behind a seine and was able to scrounge up 3 squeakers that hung around cypress trees. How many did ewe get Fill? Pay not attention to the spelling.


Our picture taking server.

FWC is having an Open House on Dec 6, 2017 from 3-8 pm at Tavares Pavillion on the lake at 200 S. Disston.  Topics include Largemouth Radio Tracking, Aquatic Plants, Electrofishing, Trophy Bass, Fish Attractors, Hybrid Striped Bass & More. Come and meet the people in the know. Your favorite web masters were there Mar 2015 pictured above. We’re going back. Things are always changing. Find out what, where, & when. I asked Jerry Lester if he remembered….his reply was “Wasn’t that where the cute…..” You know the rest of the story. He’s so embarrassing…. heh heh

I have no other way to announce this but to say this SUX ROYALLY. Although the Clermont Chain has never been a world renowned fishery, it has been an open body of water with 11 lakes that’s been used by anglers and boaters alike. But things are about to change quickly thanks to the property owners and City Council members of Minneola. Several meetings were held prior to this announcement. Of course yours truly just heard about this on the news and from my neighbor who belongs to South Lake Bass Anglers. I contacted Bassmaster and asked for help. Their reply was to get the anglers interested and let the City know how much of an economic impact it would be against the City. Okay gang, over the years I’ve noticed that very few anglers shive a git on what happens to their waters until it’s too late….BUT….if you want to have a controlled bear hunt in a heavily populated area because the animals are encroaching, every tree hugger in the state will be there to protest it. Where in the hell were the anglers? WHERE? You’ve lost out….the ramp is closing at midnight Dec 17, 2017. Thank you Minneola. A win for the locals is a loss for the anglers. BS

Villages Starter Box 91 pc $85.99 – Tournament tested & works in FL available Brooker Bait (352) 460-0695

FFC LOGO – Custom Apparel 3451 Wedgewood Ln Southern Plaza near Publix








Steve Henderson

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