FOTM – Fish Kill – Gettin To The Point AGAIN

Jim Jones FOTM wt 6.10 caught on 5″ Junebug Yum Dinger 10/18/17 (click any pic to enlarge)



Freshwater Hall Of Fame Member, Shaw Grigsby, used to have a fishing show named “One More Cast”….and Villager Jim Jones echoed those words before leaving a retention pond recently in The Villages. Jim said he was catching 1 pounders on a Junebug colored 5” Yum Dinger when this beauty decided to eat. This 6 lb 10 oz bass was the result & with that Jim is awarded the Fish Of The Month (FOTM) and a new fully rigged Phoenix Bass Boat with Cadillac Escalade Tow Vehicle.  Ok just kidding….that aint gonna happen. But you will receive special recognition of FOTM from FFCVP Rob Husson. Jim said he caught the bass by slowly twitching the 5″ Junebug Yum Dinger on a wide gap 3/0 Gamakatsu crimped barb hook, 1/8 oz bullet sinker, Hanes T-Shirt, Right Guard deodorant, Brillcream,…hey look….if you’re interested in the rest of the story you’ll have to talk to Jim….all I can say is for “MOST” of us, this bass would be a fish of a lifetime. Congratulations Jim Jones for the FOTM.

Trevor Bailey Villages Retention Pond Wt 3.7 lbs.

And what about FFC Board Member Trevor Bailey and his bass?!?! I’d loved to have had that in a tournament recently….or ANY fish for that matter. Don’t see too many boats or jet skies running around here either. Members often ask me where to go & catch fish? Venture no further than your backyard most of the time….in The Villages….there’s ALWAYS a chance for a Trophy Catch that’s recognized by the state of Florida. Sign up at the top of our home page by clicking on the link TrophyCatch. We have a few members that have already cashed in….it costs nothing to join & you may win a fully rigged Pheonix Bass Boat….SERIOUSLY!!!


Bob Knorr wt 5.34 one of 2 days that he & brother Ed won big bass at Kissimmee

Villager Bob Knorr & his brother Ed fished a tournament at Kissimmee out of Grape Hammock Fish Camp on Oct 13-15….Here’s the skinny from Bob:

“Fished this past Friday, Sat., and Sunday out of Grape Hammock Fish Camp. We won big fish pot on Fri. And Sat. With A 5:34lb. And Sat. With a 6.25 lb largemouth. We both caught our limits , 5 Fish each day. I fished as a guest, he won the two day event with a total of 32 lbs.”

“Great fishing. Fished in the lake with Gambler “Big Easy” swim baits and super Zara Spooks. Then fished each afternoon fishing 3/4 oz red eye Strike King rattle trap type baits, white sides, Black back.”

Closer to home, here’s Rip Strautman and his wife Marney who are regular clients with local guide Captain Grady Maynard. After reading this you may want to contact Captain Grady Maynard (352)536-0855 for a fish outing….Here’s Rip’s own words:

“My wife, Marney, and I fished Lake Harris today (10/18/17) from 7:15 to 11:00 a.m. and caught about 30 bass between the two of us.  For the vast majority of catches we were using shiners under bobbers.  But we caught a few on shiners under balloons and 3 on shiners rigged on a dropshot rig with no bobber!”

Marney & Rip Strautman 10/18/17

The numbers were:
less than 2 pounds = about 6
2 to 4 pounds = about 20
5+ pounds = 3
6+ pounds = 1




As a result of recent hurricanes and rain, some lakes have suffered fish kills. Yesterday at Lake Hernando FWC Officials were there for some reason with 4-5 airboats and a dozen employees. One official commented about Lake Rousseau, that just had a kill, may take 3 years to return to normal….another lake closer to The Villages is Lake Panasoffkee that also was affected. The old saying the strong will survive is true. Fish kills in Village retention ponds are a common occurrence….and you think OMG they’re all dead. Give your local fave pond a chance & it’ll recoup. Fish kills happen often due to depleted oxygen in the water. And NO, heavy rains do not input oxygen in the water.

Below is a beautiful sunrise on a backwater area of Lake Hernando. Serene & loaded ??? with fish. Here’s results from a small tournament at Hernando on 10/24/17:          24 fish caught, only 2 of 11 anglers had a 5 fish limit, 1st place was 5/5.52, Big Bass was 1.55 lbs.  Now yours truly fished also.

Sunrise Hernando 10/24/17

The morning started out with a beautiful sunrise and a fish within 5 minutes on a Devils Horse. Problem was the fish wasn’t much bigger than the lure. It went down hill from there. Let me get to the point….

And you thought you’re were having a bad day???




Thank God I had sunglasses on. I used side cutters to clip the split ring then wrapped braid around the hook and it popped right out. Hey Phil McNeal does this sound familiar??? This was one time I was glad that I didn’t change the back set of hooks to KVD extra strength triple grips…. Speaking from a voice of experience…. Although this looks painful – I felt nothing from the time of insertion to removal….and NO I won’t demonstrate at the next meeting. One other thing….did I mention iphones don’t float??? And with that my wife cheered…. “I get a new phone”…. Yes dear….rickinwrackinfrickinfrackin  I inherited her old phone.

Hey don’t forget our next monthly FFC membership meeting on Nov 14 when Bill Brooker from Brooker Bait and Tackle in Leesburg will tell us about all the new tackle in the industry along with his annual December Open House. If you’ve not been in the past, there’s all kinds of factory deals with reps & pro’s on hand and a free BBQ lunch. Look for me….I’ll be there too & hopefully not displaying my latest body piercing episode.

If you like what you see, scroll down the right side of home page & sign-up. We take the pain out of fishing….sometimes 🙂

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Steve Henderson

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