Pro Challenge 2017

 Meeting at Miona Rec .Ctr. parking lot on Friday, Oct. 13th, at 8:00 AM ready to compete in the 1st “Pro  Challenge”, the 2 teams assembled, The “Pro” team ( blue hats) captained by resident Pro Angler Tim Frederick, and the”Challenging” team (red hats), captained by Club member Chip Austin, prepare for the competition.

Ready for battle, the “Challenging” team soon discovered that they are one member down. Fortunately, club member Bob Armbruster, who had just come by to see the teams off, was now swept up into the fight as a substitute team member.

The “Pro” team decided to go to Miona pond first, while the “Challenging” team, to Poinciana pond.

Blue strikes first, 2 lbs.- 4 oz. caught by Pro Angler Tim Frederick, with a counter from the red team, of 2 lbs. – 0 oz. caught by Chip Austin.  Back and forth, 1 lb. – 0 oz. from the blue team, caught by Mark Ciruej, with a red team response of 2 lbs.- 0 oz. caught by Bob Armbruster ( Mr Sub).

Both teams decide to pass on Duval and Ardson ponds, and head to the “Honey Hole” Bonita pond.

Now, face to face, it continues.  Red team strikes first, 1 lb. – 2 oz., caught by Jim Geiger, countered by blue team member Keith Flanders, with a matching 1 1b. – 2 oz. catch.

As the 12:00 PM deadline neared, it appeared that the “Pro” team may be in trouble!

Headed to Market Sq. for the “weight in” at Cody’s restaurant, where it was confirmed, the “Challenging” (red) team was victorious with a 5 fish total, 8 lbs. – 0 oz., defeating the “Pro” (blue) teams’ 5 fish total, of 7 lbs . – 11 ozs.

Each member of the winning team was presented a plaque commemorating the event, with consolation prizes to the runners up.

Total fish caught, by both teams 37.

Total weight, by both teams, 33 lbs. – 12 ozs. 

Recorded by Randy Disanto and Rob Husson


Photos by Bruce Kramer (Click on any photo for a larger version.)


Photos of 4 members of the Challenge Team by Rob Husson

Lunch at Cody’s followed the fishing.

Cody's Lunch

The Pro Challenge trophy which went to the Challengers this year.20171014_105035

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