“Pro Challenge” with Tim Frederick

FLW pro angler, Tim Frederick, of Leesburg, spoke at the October meeting of The Villages Freshwater Fishing Club. Frederick answered questions from members anxious to improve their Bass catching techniques.

FLW Pro Tim Frederick

Teams were selected by raffle to compete in the 1st “Pro Challenge” that will take place on Oct 13th, 8:00am to noon, on the Villages ponds.  Fishing is to be followed by lunch at Cody’s in Sumter Landing

Members were selected to fish on the “Pro” team, ( captained by Tim Frederick)
and a 5 member team assembled to fish against the “Pro” team.

Pro Team, consisting of Keith Flanders, Mark Ciruej, Terry Spencer, Rip Stautman, Tim Frederick (Center)


Challenge Team, consisting of Chip Austin, Capt. (center), Jim Geiger, Rick Maslowski, Neil Parkhurst, Penn Groggin

Jerry Lester


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