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Jack Hoban Caught 9/1/17
Villages Retention Pond
Wt 4.0 lbs

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September 1st, “Top Water” Jack Hobin caught this nice 3.97 pounder….lets call it 4 lbs… a retention pond in The Villages on a black & blue Senko.  Now that’s the way to start off a good day. WTG Jack!!!

rickinrackinfrickinfrackin – My head turned when a  3 1/2′ toothy critter

So while Jack Hobin is catching bass, yours truly 9/3/17 is catching….well see for yourself. This fool hit when I had my head turned….I heard a sploosh, paused, then set the hook….I gotta good one here….I thought….wrestled it from the slop & the next thing I saw was a head – then I startled rattling off….never mind. All I wanted was my bait back. Cut line 😦

Yours Truly  Caught 9/3/17
Griffin Wt 5.5 Bait Spro Aruka Shad


The day wasn’t a total loss for me when this’n grabbed a 5/8 oz Spro Aruka Shad. Yeah baby….made up for my lure donation to that toothy critter….almost. Weight was 5.5 lbs. Take them this size everyday. My day was done shortly afterwards with only 2 bass & the gator.

8 y/o William Mosher Gets it Done At Herlong Park with a nice 3 lbr. He & his Dad caught 2 while I was loading the boat. Other slightly smaller. 9/3/17

Upon my arrival back at the ramp I notice this young man holding a 3 lb bass. I beached the boat & asked if I could take his picture. This was the second bass caught within minutes of each other….and not a bad one at that. These are probably release fish from a tournament.

Trevor Bailey hoists 1 of 25 or so bass he & Wayne Barksdale caught

This duo whacked them on Sep 13 at Griffin
48 hrs after Irma

On Sep 13, just 48 hours after Irma blew through, didn’t stop Wayne Barksdale & Trevor Bailey from going to Lake Griffin. Barksdale told me that they caught 25 bass on junebug trickworms over cover with most ranging 2-4 lbs. Nice job fellows.

9/16/17 Level 65.30 Post Irma Top of Deaton Ramp – Level 63.55 on 8/29/17
















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As I sit here with the Weather Channel on only to hear that we have a new Tropical Storm named Maria, Jose is a Cat 1 hurricane and just east of FL heading north but will impact the NE coast. The weather guys weren’t happy with the possible path of Maria. Yeah it’s waaaay out there yet BUT….You know the drill….gas, water, food, lodging, & $$….If you can read this you’re blessed to have electric. Lake County 2804, Marion County 1957, Sumter County 2903….These numbers are NO ELECTRIC & taken off the web site. I haven’t even looked at Duke Energy. Please, don’t wait until the last minute to obtain the essentials. Tomorrow may be too late. Thank you first responders, tree trimmers, linemen, guardsmen, & LEO’s….AND our neighbors who have helped all of us get through this. We’ve got a long way to go.


Steve Henderson

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