In The Heat Of The MOWment

It’s 0410 Wednesday morning Aug 30th….time to hook the boat up & go right? WRONG  – my 4 legged alarm wants out. Are you serious??? You mean old dogs have the same problem as old men??? This is my 3rd time up before daylight & that noise I hear in the hood is the newspaper guy tossing papers onto driveways….Ah yes we love our animals.

Several hours pass….Do I mow the grass….or Lake Deaton anyone? It’s close & I haven’t been in 2 months. Water ought to be up….but I’ve never done any good there during the summer. ( Click on any pics to enlarge )

Deaton Feb 2014

Looking N Deaton Ramp 8/30/17

Looking SW from NW Corner Deaton

Not All Are Giants wt 8 oz

And a sure sign that they’re not biting is an empty parking lot. Just remember – not all anglers brag about what or where they’re biting & yes I didn’t get there until almost 1100. Bright sun & temps north of 90 is the menu of the day. I’m not complaining….I moved here for a reason. Notice the 30 month ago comparison of Deaton water levels with today. The Villages on the north side of Deaton is probably sodded, watered….pretty much established. Reclaimed water used for this area? I’m not a hydro engineer so you be the judge. Deaton is definitely up and for now the catching remains disappointing. I know there’s times that the schooling bass are on the prowl but not the day I was there. Notice also how the lily pads are expanding in coverage. There used to be a lane from the boat ramp to the north shoreline. It’s filling in.

Trevor Bailey & Jerry Echols “On Em” near Gainesville. Specks abound 8/29/30

Trevor Bailey & Jerry Echols caught their limits of “Specks” near Gainesville 8/29/17

And because the bass aren’t gorging themselves doesn’t mean that the specks/crappies aren’t  biting. FFC Membership Chairman, Trevor Bailey (pictured) went fishing with 1 of the best crappie anglers I know, former FFC President Jerry Echols. Bailey said they limited out (25 ea angler) early at a lake near Gainesville. Echols spider rigs his boat with a scientific method. Echols has told me in the past that he’d rather fish for specks this time of year than spawning season. In the north we’d search for these fish in brushpiles or whatever cover was available. Echols said summer months these fish cruise open water making it ideal for his application with 8 rods poking out the front of the boat and whatever the amount out the back. Just imagine when you hit a school. The Subaru commercial that the kid says ZOOM ZOOM comes to mind. Small jigs & minnows are the menu.

Don holding nice Northern Pike while fishing French River in Canada away from FL heat.

Further north here’s FFC member Don Kindilien with a nice northern pike he’d caught while fishing the French River in Canada. Kindilien said the fish was 38″ & weighed 18.9 lbs. Yeah I’ll bet he put up a fight.

Hadley Village Resident Joyce Goodine at East Machias, Maine – fillet time.

Here’s Joyce Goodine, that’s rubbing it in, about her catch while at East Machias, ME on Gardner Lake. Uh yeah I’m jealous. Those were to be an evening meal. Nice job Joyce.

Web Masters Business Luncheon

My fellow web master friend, Jerry Lester, has been under the funk for sometime while having a knock down drag out fight with shingles. So to help him rebound I decided to take him for a ride to Ocala for lunch to Tony’s Bar & Grill….well that’s what it used to be. My wife and I had eaten there before & I remember it being a nice place….besides Jerry & I wanted something light but pleasing to the pallet. That place worked a miracle because he wanted to go back VERY soon. He heard they had good wings. I don’t remember….Did we eat lunch???



Harvey, Irma, Next???

With the ongoing tragedy of Harvey & the pending of Irma’s arrival, that at this moment is estimated to have winds of 120 mph by Tue Sep 5th….I can’t stress enough about preparedness. It’ll never affect me….famous last words from person saying “Hold my beer & watch this” ….

Please help your fellow man anyway you feel comfortable. Right now FEMA is asking for volunteers at recovery centers. It’s with a heavy heart, & I’m sure I speak for many, to see this tragedy persist along the Gulf Coast. Is it over? Irma has just been declared a Cat 2 Hurricane and will be “extremely dangerous” per the Weather Channel.

Please say a prayer for all involved. We truly need divine intervention.

The Villages Starter Box, shown below left, will be raffled at Sep 12th FFC meeting. Tickets are available for $2 each or 3 for $5.

Villages Starter Box 91 pc $85.99 – Tournament tested & works in FL available Brooker Bait

FFC LOGO – Custom Apparel 3451 Wedgewood Ln Southern Plaza near Publix








Steve Henderson

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