Power Pole & Bass Tracker Boat Warranty – Eclipse Fishing

I heard if you put a Power Pole on the back of a Bass Tracker Pro Team 175, it’ll void the warranty. Really!!!

Tim Frederick

I saw FLW Power Pole Pro Tim Frederick and asked him if it’s true? He advised me to contact BPS and I did with the following reply: Bass Tracker Pro 175 models aren’t designed to support the extra weight and therefore is not recommended….and will void the “transom warranty.” The gal said “it will void the warranty of the hull in that area”. I know a few individuals that have Trackers with Power Poles on them and none are Pro models and are even older. To my knowledge they’ve had no issues. The Tracker Pro Team 190 & 195 models are ok & even show brackets available ($145) as options when building a boat. Know before you buy….

FFCVP Rob Husson 8/17/17 Wt 5 lbs 4 oz
Yum Dinger
Villages Retention Pond


On Aug 17, 2017 FFCVP Rob Husson sent me a pic of a nice bass he’d caught from a Village pond. I commented to Rob that 2017 has been a great year for him. It’s also safe to say that he’s caught the majority of his large bass slowly dragging a Yum Dinger….similar to a Senko. Get with Rob at the next FFC meeting on Sep 12. I’m sure he’ll be glad to tell you his technique. As for his location….as my dad used to say, “I caught them at wet lake.” They’re all wet.


8/21/17 During Eclipse
Lake Griffin

So what’d you do the day of the eclipse? I thought I’d fish, imagine that, instead of getting hung up with the eclipse. I’m a self proclaimed weather geek & have seen enough promo on the subject and decided to check how the fish would react. I launched at 1:00 pm at Griffin….before the start of the eclipse. I zoomed to a favorite spot and caught 1 bass on a squarebill that was 12 1/4″….kept looking for activity on the surface….ospreys diving for food….cormorants swimming/flying around….baitfish skipping….it’s been some 24 hours later at this writing & I’d probably still be waiting. My one surprise was that it didn’t get as dark as I thought it would during the eclipse. I tried to watch it but had issues when I had to put on my rainsuit. Pretty tough to see thru the clouds. And check this monster mushroom. It looked awesome from a distance don’t ya think?!?! And I could watch this with my prescription sunglasses while wearing a rainsuit. I should have just left the rainsuit off because I was as wet with sweat as I would have been with rain.

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Villages Starter Box 91 pc $85.99 – Tournament tested & works in FL available Brooker Bait

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Steve Henderson

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