When was it you did anything for the first time? Do you remember? Oh come on get your mind out of the livewell….I’m referring to catching your first bass, driving the golf cart, or driving the boat. My 14 y/o grandson visited recently and accomplished all three. First came the golf cart….nervous was the norm….considering where we live I’m nervous daily & drive on average 7200 miles a year in a golf cart AND DON’T GOLF. Once arriving back at the house I looked at Sam & said “no bumps or bruises, we’re hear to talk about it, we’re fine so it’s all good.

Sam Anderson 7/26/17
1st Time Captain

The following day 3 of us were to go fishing….younger brother/grandson Lucas picked a fine time to get sick….on vacation….so he stayed home. Sam & I went to Lake Griffin with my hopes of putting him on ANYTHING. Feel like temps in 100’s made for a miserable outing.

My first bass wt 1 lb 5 oz
Lake Griffin 7/26/17 FOTM?




Sam did manage to catch a 1 lb 5 oz bass on a Carolina rigged watermelon red fluke. I caught 3 dinks on a worm. While running around the lake Sam jumped at the chance to take the helm. He told mom he got the boat up to 31….at least that’s what he told her but when I said trim it up and give it more gas the GPS read 41. There was a little bit of throttle remaining….just a little….heh heh.

Wayne Barkasdale 6 lb 5 oz
Lake Griffin July 21, 2017


I was reluctant to post the Fish Of The Month (FOTM) picture of Wayne Barksdale with an always nice specimen weighing 6 lbs 5 oz that he caught on a junebug trickworm….lets face it….FOTM or first bass of your life? Of course I’m prejudice but we’ll let the readers be the judge.

And for those that thought they’d seen it all, this pic was sent to me. When Jose Cuerpo or whoever he is, says something….you know it’s gotta be gospel….right Jerry Echols 🙂




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