Make Mine A Double & FOTM

Make mine a double….but first….Some 5 or so years ago the state of Florida enacted a program called Trophy Catch that allowed anglers to show their catches to the state FWC folks and are rewarded for their efforts. Rules were to register, photograph your Trophy Catch on scales, and release the fish alive. Freshwater Fishing Club VP Rob Husson followed the rules….he thought!! Husson has been signed up for Trophy Catch for several years & has come close to catching an eligible bass. On June 12th Husson was casting a 6″ Yum Dinger, color watermelon red flake, at one of The Villages retention ponds when he hooks into a fish of a lifetime….a 9 lb 11 oz giant. President Randy Disanto took a full length picture showing the weight of the fish. Husson forwarded the picture and the story to me. I was so happy for him. He puts in countless hours and was finally rewarded….ALMOST…. Husson called me 2 days later to say that FWC turned him down because he wasn’t holding the scales by the handle. Needless to say he was bummed and I thought WTH….BUT rules are rules and it shows how you’re supposed to present a fish to qualify for the program. It gets better!!! Husson received an email from FWC on 6/26/17 saying that after review by ofFISHals <— ya like that….that his submission had been accepted. So….congratulations Rob Husson for a catch of a lifetime….a 9 lb 11 oz Bass. I’ll drink to that. Make it a double. And the fish was released to be caught another day. Husson knows where she lives. 🙂

VP Rob Husson 6/12/17 Villages Pond 9 lb 11 oz
FOTM Trophy Catch

























Jerry Lester 6/9/17 shellcracker ate 5/8 oz Lipless Crankbait

And look (L) at this shellcracker that wanted to eat a 5/8 oz lipless crankbait. Webmaster Jerry Lester caught this while bass fishing at Griffin. He mentioned about having hits but they kept missing it….except for this one. Like to have a bucket of them that size.

WayneBarksdale 6/11/17
Lake Griffin Wt 5.3 lbs
Happy 62nd HS Class Reunion Shirt

What do you do to impress your HS classmates at your 62nd class reunion? You show them that you still have the get up & go that many probably got up and went. And wear your school shirt.


Lake Griffin 6/18/17
Wt 7.4 lbs Swim Bait

Wayne Barksdale NEVER gets tired showing me his catches and I’m forever jealous grateful. Barksdale along with FFC Board Member Trevor Bailey reportedly caught nearly 50 bass on June 16 at Griffin but nothing over 3 lbs. Those are always fun especially whether you’re a novice or seasoned angler.

Lake Griffin 6/23/17
Wt 4 lb 15 oz
Aruko Shad

And just for the heck of it here’s a 4 lb 15 oz fish that gobbled up a lipless crankbait. Yep….you’d be a happy camper too. One more thing. With all the clothes I wear, except for long pants, you’d think I’d be protected from the sun. I had another spot on my ear & face that my dermo doc froze. I’m dressed like this every time I’m on the water. I can’t imagine how much worse it’d be if I didn’t protect myself. It may look goofy as hell but….WARNING!

  • I know a few boat owners that have Power Pole shallow water anchor systems. I’ve had 1 since Mar 2011 on my boat. A bolt broke that deploys the hydraulic ram cylinder. These aren’t EZ to find at your local hardware/box store. I contacted Power Pole Monday June 19th at 9:00 am. At 3:00 pm Tuesday Fed Ex delivered a replacement kit to my front door. How’s that for customer service. And it was free. Hey Comcast & Century Link – awh forget it. Bartender make that a double double.
1400 plus Lakes in
Lake County, FL

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