The Birds Have Flew Da Coop

That whooshing sound is the egress of the “snowbirds” heading to wherever….and with that the restaurants are accessible, Sunday church services aren’t nearly as crowded, and the happy hour lines at all the squares don’t stretch out to the street….at least by the third time in line you don’t mind as much & by the 4th…. who shives a git 🙂 >

5/9/17 Winner Mike Murphy
Lake Hernando Big Bass
wt 6..83


But hey….look at Mike Murphy with his 6.83 lb big bass he caught while fishing a local club tournament held at Lake Hernando on May 9th. Murphy said this is the only lake he can ca$h on….Murphy had 10.45 lbs to win the tournament.  I’m not even sure if he had 5 fish. If he did, this’ll give you an idea on what the others weighed. I had 5 that weighed 5.35 lbs. I called them Ohio River fish….that reminded me of catching nothing but small fish….12″ squeakers.

Phil McNeal 5/11/17
wt 4.15 Spro Aruko Shad
Lipless Crankbait



I took Phil McNeal to Griffin recently and told him to throw a lipless crankbait, Spro Aruko Shad, as far as he could sling it and crank it in with an erratic retrieve. And with that you see the results. McNeal’s bass weighed 4.15 and was the largest fish of the day.




Pres Randy Disanto
Tilapia wt 2.4

Pres Randy Disanto 5.0 lbs
Village Pond








Back inside the bubble, here’s FFC President Randy Disanto holding a tilapia he snagged while bass fishing in one of the retention ponds in The Villages. Randy did say he snagged this fish….snagged it like Bill Dance does in the mouth or snag it like Randy says which is “I dunno”. He also targets them purposely on a fly rod & these critters are like catching bluegils on steroids. Not sure if his bass came from the same pond but it did come from a Village retention pond….weight was 5 lbs even. Nice bass regardless where it’s caught. Notice there’s not a blemish on it. Make sure you’re registered for Trophy Catch while fishing in Florida. 8 pound plus bass qualify. Click on the link provided at the top of the page under menu that says TrophyCatch.

Below you’ll notice Wayne & son Jeff Barksdale with a pair of nice bass and then there’s Wayne holding a tilapia that actually ate his bass bait (shakey head). I’d say by the looks of that tilapia, it’s much larger than the one Randy Disanto is holding on scales that reads 2.4….I’m guessing Wayne’s is over 4.

Jeff Barksdale 5/21/17
Caught on DD22 Crankbait Winter Haven Chain

Wayne Barksdale Tilapia
Caught on shaky head 

Wayne Barksdale 5/21/17
wt 7.11 Caught on shakey head










Don Millich 5/18/17
Lake Griffin wt 4.4
Black Toad

Don Millich 5/18/17 Caught on a Toad
Lake Griffin

Don Millich caught a pair of top water toad eaters. There’s nothing that’ll get the heart pumping quicker than an explosive strike from a STUPID fish….and I love catching the really DUMB ones….the ones that miss it the first time….you make another cast & they swipe at it again & miss….can you say 3rd time’s a charm?!?!? It’s highly recommended that 50 lb min braid be used on no less than a MH rod. My choice is 65 lb braid with 7′ MH rod.


Lake Griffin 5/22/17 wt 4.11
Black Zoom Horny Toad

This bass inhaled a Zoom Horny Toad black with blue legs. The amount of toads consumed during todays outing was 12. Total fish caught were 4 and the largest is pictured. The aggravation comes when you have one on & it jumps then dives around the pads wrapping you up & comes off. I didn’t mention the gar that like to eat the legs off especially from the toads that have blue legs.

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Just because the summer is here, don’t think for a minute that the fish won’t bite. Water temperature May 22 at Griffin was 86. These Florida fish still eat. Bass are in shaded areas. Panfish are near cover also. Usually you find one you’ll find the other. Cormorants in the water may be a good sign that there’s baitfish available. Watch them diving for food and you may catch your targeted specie there too.

Don’t forget about Camp Villages on June 13 that’s held at Hacienda Recreation Center.


Steve Henderson

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