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Brownie & FOTM

No, Brownie¬†isn’t referring to what our daughters belonged to nor does it mean that the dish on top of the stove, that’s too hot for human consumption, but not for the¬†#@&%* dog….at least he saved me half….hell yes I ate … Continue reading

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The Birds Have Flew Da Coop

That whooshing sound is the egress of the “snowbirds” heading to wherever….and with that the restaurants are accessible, Sunday church services aren’t nearly as crowded, and the happy hour lines at all the squares don’t stretch out to the street….at … Continue reading

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Shoulda Been Here Yesterday

We’ve all heard it before….Shoulda been here yesterday….last week they were hitting like crazy….back home I’d catch them on….Yeah, well the first 2 I can handle but when the “Back Home” comes out I’m thinking Dude, I really don’t care … Continue reading

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