FOTM = Fish Of The Month

Scriptures said that Jesus fed the multitude with a few loaves of bread and fish….I’m not sure if there were teenage boys included in the multitude….have you seen these guys eat? Anyway that’s what was reported and who am I to question the writings….but I am curious if braid or mono was used on a spinning or casting reel??

So what is the plural of fish – FISH? FISHES? PHISH – Fish can be used referring to plural….fishes may also be used….and I’ve seen Phish in concert back in the 90’s….who you ask? Look em up….But this picture will show the definition of fish & FOTM.

  • FOTM

Former FFC Pres Jerry Echols with “Multitude”

Look at Jerry Echols standing over his multitude of specks that he & Trevor Bailey caught while down near Kissimmee on 4/27/17. Trevor said it was his best day ever catching “specks”. As for Echols, an open water specialist,  not every time he goes out is this successful but it isn’t out of the ordinary either especially catching 1.8 to 2 pounders. Heck of a catch Jerry.




Bill Gorman Caught 4/11/17 Wt 7.8
Bait used Zoom Fluke Red Fleck

Continuing on with FOTM is FFC member Bill Gorman with his 7.8 lbr that he caught in Griffin on 4/11/17. Bill said he’s not only using flukes but 10″ worms dragging them slowly over pads. Dandy fish Bill.

Jerry Lester FFC Treasurer/Web Master Griffin Wt 3.6


Here’s FFC web master treasurer Jerry Lester in his  Gheenoo with a nice 3.6 lb bass caught on Aruka Shad.


Then there’s some shots taken during a tournament weigh-in at Venetian Gardens at Lake Harris. Although yours truly may have been better off  ordering fish from Beef O Brady’s….all my fish had the tails too close to the heads….there’s someone that always catches them. Check these anglers out displaying some of their fish.

John Hendry Lake Harris
Wt 4.8

Lake Harris 4/11/17

Caught 4/11/17 Lake Harris









Below is Chip Austin showing off his trophy catch bass for sure. Chip is a new FFC member and signed up for the monthly fishing trip that Steve Felix sets up for members. WTG Chip & thank you Steve Felix for providing this service to our members. It’s a thankless job but at times like this….hey what can ya say other than nice job Chip.

New FFC Member Chip Austin shows off HIS trophy bass caught 4/20/17 on Withlacoochee Trip




















In closing here’s Don Millich holding a 3 lbr he caught at John’s Lake on 4/27/17 on a watermelon red fluke. In the past 10 days I’ve made 4 trips to John’s Lake….my first 2 trips alone & the other 2 with guests. Here’s the numbers caught per trip: 12, 20, 22, & 19. If my math is correct, of the 73 fish caught, the largest was what Ken Fox caught that weighed 3.7 lbs. Were there larger fish on & lost? Nope! 5 years ago FWC was saying if you want trophies go to John’s. I’m not saying that they don’t exist, but I was surprised that larger fish weren’t caught. I’m sure they’re there. But we had a blast catching them on flukes, Senko’s, hollowbody toads, & even the old trusty Pop R….and there’s plenty left. No I/we never bed fished.

Don Millich Caught 4/27/17
Wt 3.0 Johns Lake

Ken Fox caught 4/25/17 Wt 3.7 John’s Lake










Don’t forget that the next FFC meeting is May 9. Our speaker will be Dennis Renfro from FWC. If you’ve fished Haines Creek Marsh or the Stick Marsh, be sure to attend. Great things are happening at Griffin. Also we have election of officers. If you want to get involved, now’s your chance. Plus President Randy DiSanto will have a suggestion box at the meeting. If you want things changed, added, deleted, drop it in the box – make sure it’s legible – you don’t have to sign it.

Not valid with any other discount – Applies only to FFC members in good standing

FFC LOGO – Custom Apparel 3451 Wedgewood Ln Southern Plaza near Publix






Remember to sign up for the next fishing trip with Steve Felix….ask Chip Austin about what he thought of his trip. Also a reminder about the Rob & Randy mentoring group for you new to Florida anglers. Fishin aint the same down here!!

Steve Henderson

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