2017 Villages Bass Tournament

The tournament produced a record 28 fish by 37 anglers.  The tournament was held on March 22, 2017.

Heaviest sack was caught by Rick Clark: 5 fish (8 Caught); 5lb-12oz in Poinciana Pond.  Biggest fish was caught by Ken Fox at 1lb-11 oz in Miramar Pond.  Ken also took 2nd Place with 3 fish; 4lb-2oz.  3rd Place went to Dave Makarewicz: 2 fish; 2lb-8oz in Poinciana Pond. Honorable Mention went to Al Hendricks: 1 fish; 1lb-8oz and Cork Burr: 1 fish; 1lb-7oz, both at Poinciana Pond.

Total fish by pond: Poinciana; 16 fish. Miramar; 10 fish.  Bonita; 2 fish.

2017 Klub Kar Klassic

 L-R Pres. Randy Disanto, 1st with 5 fish Rick Clark wt 5.12, 2nd with 3 fish Ken Fox wt 4.2, 3rd with 2 fish Dave Makarewicz wt 2.8

The tournament banquet was held at La Hacienda Recreation Center and attended by the anglers, judges, and spouses, numbering 82.  It was catered by Oakwood Grill providing their usual fine fare.

Jerry Lester


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One Response to 2017 Villages Bass Tournament

  1. Don Kindilien says:

    Congratulation to all those that one and hope everyone had a great tournament.

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