Bradley Dortch Wins Harris Chain

Hat’s off to Adam Sumner, manager of Lake County Tourism and Leesburg FLW Pro Angler Tim Frederick for putting together a great event on the Harris Chain. Sumner told me that he and Frederick had been working on this for 4 years and finally securing the stop with the blessing from FLW & the Lake County Commission….165 professional anglers signed up & were paired with that many co-anglers. Below are some of the top 10 anglers that got a check.

Rusty Trancygier stopped at Brooker Bait & Tackle Saturday evening after the tournament to replenish his stock along with purchasing another couple rods. He broke 2 and jokingly said he may only have $150 remaining on his credit card. Natalie Brooker replied, you’re good until you get your check. Yeah I’d say. ($14,000) And yes his credit card cleared. (Click on any pics to enlarge)

Shane Lehew 4th, $21,000

Rusty Trancygier 10th, $14,000

Chris Whitson, 7th, $17,000

JT Kenney 2nd $30,000






The way that emcee Chris Jones brought the anglers up on the stage was always playful & with suspense. He didn’t know what the anglers had in their black weigh bags but Chris had them remove 1 fish at a time to show the crowd.

Bryan Thrift just had 2 in a row 2nd place finishes & more top 10’s than anybody & has won over $2,039,391

Bryan Thrift had finished the last 2 tournaments in 2nd place behind Mark Rose who won the last 2 tournaments. Rose took home $250,000 but finished out of the money this tournament winding up in 65th place. FLW paid this event down to 50th place and $10,000. Places 51 thru 53 received $4,000 ending the pay out. As for Bryan Thrift, he’s won $2,039,391 with 9 wins and 52 top 10 finishes. He’s been a professional angler for 11 years.

For 3 days John Cox, Forrest Wood Cup Champion, led & many thought it was his but slid to 3rd place on day 4. Then there was rookie Bradley Dortch that’s been fishing the FLW tour professionally for 1 year. Today was a break through day for Dortch. His mom was there & told emcee Chris Jones that her son didn’t even have a place to stay last night because he thought he’d never be in the top 10. Days Inn, located in Leesburg, held a room for Dortch. Like most anglers, they’re probably not in the bed over 5 hours. Dortch’s win today will be a life changing experience with easily acquiring sponsors & his social media popularity will sky rocket.


Bradley Dortch $100,000

Bradley Dortch Winning Wt 73-9 & $100,000




























Wayne Barksdale 3/11/17 Wt 5.3
Winter Haven


And happy birthday to friend Wayne Barksdale who continues to submit pics that I’m forever grateful….and jealous….as he and his friend Sam fished at Winter Haven Saturday while the FLW Pro’s were fishing the Harris Chain. I figured you’d like a new boat for your birthday Wayne so I’m taking up a collection….it may be a while so….























Steve Henderson

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