The Chicken or The Egg – FLW at Harris Chain

So how’d it all begin? Maybe it was proposed through the Sumter, Lake, & Marion County districts dot guv….your latest and greatest favorite Hollow Wood actors that seem to have all the answers….or just maybe it was divine intervention with the help of Director/Mgr Rick Stout & his crew at the Florida Bass Conservation Center.

Hatchery 3/10/17

Members from The Villages Freshwater Fishing Club (FFC) visited the hatchery on Mar 11. Stout explained the whole stocking process including the life cycle of a largemouth bass and how they get started in one of the fourteen 30′ long starter tanks. This 10 year old 18 million dollar complex, 1 of 2 in the state, is world renown for growing Florida strain largemouth bass. Click to see —>  FL Hatchery Statistics


FFC Members at Hatchery 3/10/17

FFC Members at Hatchery 3/10/17

Hatchery Trip 3/10/17






FFC Pres Randy Disanto Secret Spot??
2/18/17 Wt 3.7

Rich G. 3/8/17 Village Pond

Rich G. 3/8/17 Village Pond










Here’s  some recent pics from a couple Villages ponds. With the Villages Bass Tournament approaching, not many anglers are sending in pics of their latest results. Keeping it a secret gang ?? Ever hear of drones? Although no officials of the FFC are permitted to enter the tournament, here’s President Randy Disanto showing a nice 3 lb + bass he caught….and you KNOW the contestants would love to weigh that fish in come tournament day. Lure used was made of plastic with metal and line wuz ….you get the idea.

There’s so much going on this weekend….I drove to Millers Boating Center & met FFC member Ken Fox for Miller’s annual boat show & fishing seminar. Last year I purchased a Helix Humminbird side imager. Just like cell phones & ME it’s an antique. Are you kidding me? It’s only 12 months old. Humminbird rep told us in a seminar yesterday that the latest & greatest is 3 X more powerful than what I now own. Example was them showing a bicycle underwater that you could see the spokes in the wheel and even the reflector….I couldn’t tell if it was a Huffy or Schwinn so wasn’t interested. Besides, no training wheels. Just show me the fish – and he did. Pro Anglers Shaw Grigsby & Terry Scroggins were there along with others. Numerous booths specializing in boating accessories too.

Tim Frederick

FLW Pro Time Fredrick Day 2 Making The Cut

I left Millers & drove to see the day 2 weigh-in of the FLW Pro’s at Venetian Gardens to cheer on local Professional Angler Tim Frederick. Tim was in 4th place on day 1 with almost 22 lbs but slipped to 10th on day 2 with only 10-07  lbs. Tim told me at 1:45 he had 2 fish in the box….2 day total of 32-06 kept him in the top 20 to fish for big money. Many notables struggled also. Jimmy Houston, Larry Nixon, and even Mark Rose that has won the past 2 tournaments.

As for the back of the boat angler, Robert Crosnoe weighed in 10 bass for 2 days that totaled 33-01 lbs. I’m not sure what his total cash prize was but the previous tournament held at Guntersville was worth 20K to the top co-angler. C0-anglers fish 2 days while the pro’s can fish up to 4 depending on their daily finishing position. All pro’s fish 2 days, then the field is cut to the top 20 for day 3 & top 10 on day 4.

Come join me in cheering our hometown pro on at today & tomorrows weigh-in. Hopefully he makes it to day 4. There’s several professional anglers, that didn’t make the cut, on site this weekend for autograph’s & pictures, kids events, and of course tackle & boats on display. If you were at last months B.A.S.S. Open tournament, let’s just say that this FLW is over the top comparatively speaking. BTW 1st place can be as much as $125,000. Weigh-in starts at 4 PM but festivities are going on throughout the day. Also you can watch it live on

Steve Henderson

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