Hit & Mi$$

HIT…. Some may venture to FL for vacations or visit family & friends. I did just the opposite & headed to KY & OH to visit family & friends. On the way to Ohio I stopped & spent the night with friend & former bass club member Rick Cayton of Sparta, KY. Cayton & I fished bass tournaments for several years on one of the toughest bodies of water anywhere – the Ohio River. Catching keeper size bass can be difficult at best. I didn’t want to intrude or interfere with Caytons now tournament partner Gary Thompson that I’ve also known for years. I teamed up with Gallatin County Concrete Mgr Gene Webster. Webster is a regular in the $$$ on local tournaments. My only request from Webster was he allow me to catch a fish behind him. Webster did just that but the tails were all to close to the fishes head. By the end of the night, we fished from 5:30 to 9:30, Webster had 1 keeper. I’m still waiting to catch mine. The winners, Thompson & Cayton, had 5 fish that weighed 8.82 lbs & just missed Big Bass pot of 4 lbs by weighing in a 3.94 lb fish. Thompson said he wanted the Big Bass pot to build anyway….but he & Cayton did take home a nice sum of cash for 4 hours while Webster & I are still searching. Thompson did mention that at 8 PM he caught 3 keepers in a row. WTG – as for Cayton – did Thompson catch all 5? To be continued….next year. 🙂

Gary Thompson (L) Rick Cayton (R)

(L) Gary Thompson – Rick Cayton (R) Winners

Gene Webster

Gene Webster – We’ll Get em Next Time Gene’o










Shell Cracker Eats 5" Swimbait

Shell Cracker Eats
5″ Swimbait




There is a hook in the shell crackers mouth that Wayne Barksdale is holding. Usually this savvy bass angler is holding trophy size bass but this time he’s holding an almost trophy size shell cracker. It’s safe to say that fish was hungry when it devoured a 5″ swimbait.

Jerry Lester

Jerry Lester



Right webmaster, FFC treasurer/underwater treasure hunter Jerry Lester holding a nice bass that needs to talk to the folks that made the prosthetic tail for the dolphin Winter. Not quite sure what happened here but it’s different for sure. Also Happy Birthday Jerry.



MISS….Public projects are many times driven by politicians….some good….some not….but when public requests, participants, and politicians sit idly by – it must be a good thing….right? Not for 1 local mayor in Warsaw, KY. Numerous individuals put together a plan with City officials and Army COE to enlarge a boat ramp & parking facility making it accessible for all size boats to be launched. Renovation was to the tune of 250k. The Army COE asked the City of Warsaw, KY for a % of matching funds. This small town community could not afford this project but the COE decided that the City could donate labor & materials in lieu of money. Volunteers stepped up to the plate with their expertise for providing & running heavy equipment, pouring concrete, & even surveying just to name a few while politicians set idly by. Most were appreciative of the end result with more than doubling the parking spaces, strategically placed lighting, & creating a 3 lane boat ramp with floating dock. Now the City Mayor said it’s a financial burden & would like a responsible party to take it over. I guess the Mayor knows little about tourism, even though he previously held office as county sheriff. One saving grace is that the City signed a contract to maintain the facility. Estimates for annual upkeep is $3,000. I’d imagine that revenue brought in by locals & outsiders would easily exceed the cost. Lets just say the Mayor missed the boat.

New Boat Trailer Parking

New Boat Trailer Parking

Tournament Director Mike Sullivan Talking To Outsiders About Tournament

Tournament Director Mike Sullivan (L) Talking To Outsiders About Tournament






Thanks To Those That Helped Make A Difference

Thanks To Those That Helped Make A Difference


The permanent erected sign at the Craigs Creek boat ramp on the Ohio River in Warsaw, KY recognizes those that dedicated many hours to the completion of a project that may have never been accomplished had it not been for the active participation of a few. Sound familiar?






Our embroidered Club Logo is available at Custom Apparel in Southern Trace Plaza right of Publix. Buy your hat or shirt from them or bring in your own item.

Custom Apparel – 3451 Wedgewood Ln, The Villages, FL 32162 (352) 750-1600





Watch Major League Fishing as they were televising the Harris Chain. Very exciting stuff in our back yard. Yes there are bass in the Harris Chain.



Steve Henderson

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